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Famos, Flurina; Avilla-Royo, Eva; Vonzun, Ladina; Ochsenbein-Kölble, Nicole; Ehrbar, Martin (2022). Miniaturized Bioengineered Models for Preterm Fetal Membrane Healing. Fetal Diagnosis and Therapy, 49:235-244.

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Zepf, Julia; Vonzun, Ladina; Krähenmann, Franziska; Strübing, Nele; Moehrlen, Ueli; Meuli, Martin; Mazzone, Luca; Moehrlen, Theres; Ochsenbein-Kölble, Nicole (2022). Subsequent Pregnancy Outcomes after Open in utero Spina Bifida Repair. Fetal Diagnosis and Therapy, 49(9-10):442-450.


Wille, David-Alexander; Padden, Beth; Moehrlen, Ueli; Latal, Beatrice; Schauer, Sonja; Kottke, Raimund; Grehten, Patrice; Meuli, Martin (2021). Impact of Brain Malformations on Neurodevelopmental Outcome in Children with a History of Prenatal Surgery for Open Spina Bifida. Fetal Diagnosis and Therapy, 48(8):588-595.

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Meuli, Martin; Zimmermann, Roland (2020). IFMSS-dedicated issue launched after 38th Annual IFMSS Meeting in Sils, Switzerland. Fetal Diagnosis and Therapy, 47(12):857-858.

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Heye, Pascal; Moehrlen, Ueli; Mazzone, Luca; Weil, Robert; Altermatt, Stefan; Wille, David-Alexander; Scheer, Ianina; Meuli, Martin; Horst, Maya (2019). Inclusion Cysts after Fetal Spina Bifida Repair: A Third Hit? Fetal Diagnosis and Therapy, 46(1):38-44.

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