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Erlebach, Rolf; Buhlmann, Alix; Andermatt, Rea; Seeliger, Benjamin; Stahl, Klaus; Bode, Christian; Schuepbach, Reto; Wendel-Garcia, Pedro David; David, Sascha; Kleinert, Eva-Maria; Hofmaenner, Daniel Andrea; Müller, Mattia M; Ganter, Christoph Camille; Welte, Tobias; Pape, Thorben; Rath, Ann-Kathrin; Nalbant, Bahar; Ruwisch, Jannik; Putensen, Christian; Peukert, Konrad; Sauer, Andrea; Wild, Lennart (2024). Carboxyhemoglobin predicts oxygenator performance and imminent oxygenator change in extracorporeal membrane oxygenation. Intensive Care Medicine Experimental, 12(1):41.

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Kalbas, Yannik; Hoch, Yannis; Klingebiel, Felix Karl-Ludwig; Klee, Octavia; Cester, Davide; Halvachizadeh, Sascha; Berk, Till; Wanner, Guido A; Pfeifer, Roman; Pape, Hans-Christoph; Hasler, Rebecca Maria (2024). 3D-navigation for SI screw fixation - How does it affect radiation exposure for patients and medical personnel? Injury, 55(2):111214.

Elrod, Julia; Adathal, Ashal; Mohr, Christoph; Neuhaus, Kathrin; Schiestl, Clemens; Böttcher-Haberzeth, Sophie (2024). As time goes by - Overlooking 40 years of inpatient burn treatment at a national pediatric burn center in Switzerland. Burns, 50(1):236-243.

Buenter, Isabelle Ruth; Kremo, Valerie; Beeres, Frank Johannes Paulus; van Veelen, Nicole Maria; Galliker, Beat; Link, Bjoern-Christian; Babst, Reto; Pape, Hans-Christoph; van de Wall, Bryan Joost Marinus (2024). Does plate position influence the outcome in midshaft clavicular fractures? A multicenter analysis. European Journal of Trauma and Emergency Surgery:Epub ahead of print.


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Bärtschi, Natalie; Scheibler, Anne-Gita; Schweizer, Andreas (2023). Palmar Shift of the Proximal Interphalangeal Joint in Different Grip Positions as a Potential Risk Factor for Periphyseal Injuries in Adolescent Climbers. Wilderness & environmental medicine, 34(4):451-456.

Berk, Till; Zderic, Ivan; Varga, Peter; Schwarzenberg, Peter; Berk, Karlyn; Grüneweller, Niklas; Pastor, Tatjana; Halvachizadeh, Sascha; Richards, Geoff; Gueorguiev, Boyko; Pape, Hans-Christoph (2023). Substitutional semi-rigid osteosynthesis technique for treatment of unstable pubic symphysis injuries: a biomechanical study. European Journal of Trauma and Emergency Surgery, 49(6):2569-2578.

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