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Stuck, Anna K; Mangold, Joel M; Wittwer, Rachel; Limacher, Andreas; Bischoff-Ferrari, Heike A (2022). Ability of 3 Frailty Measures to Predict Short-Term Outcomes in Older Patients Admitted for Post-Acute Inpatient Rehabilitation. Journal of the American Medical Directors Association, 23(5):880-884.

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Isler, Yannik; Schwab, Simon; Wick, Regula; Lakämper, Stefan (2022). Strong evidence for age as the single most dominant predictor of medically supervised driving test-mini mental status test outcomes provide only weak but significant moderate additional predictive value. BMC Geriatrics, 22:247.

Vahle, Nils; Tomasik, Martin J (2022). The Embodiment of an Older Avatar in a Virtual Reality Setting Impacts the Social Motivation of Young Adults. Experimental Aging Research, 48(2):164-176.

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Venkatesh, Balasubramanian; Schlapbach, Luregn; Mason, Donna; Wilks, Kathryn; Seaton, Robert; Lister, Paula; Irwin, Adam; Lane, Paul; Redpath, Lyndell; Gibbons, Kristen; Ergetu, Endrias; Rice, Michael (2022). Impact of 1-hour and 3-hour sepsis time bundles on patient outcomes and antimicrobial use: A before and after cohort study. Lancet Regional Health. Western Pacific, 18:100305.


Luo, Minxia; Debelak, Rudolf; Schneider, Gerold; Martin, Mike; Demiray, Burcu (2021). With a little help from familiar interlocutors: real-world language use in young and older adults. Aging & Mental Health, 25(12):2310-2319.

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Rehan, Sana; Giroud, Nathalie; Al-Yawer, Faisal; Wittich, Walter; Phillips, Natalie (2021). Visual Performance and Cortical Atrophy in Vision-Related Brain Regions Differ Between Older Adults with (or at Risk for) Alzheimer’s Disease. Journal of Alzheimer's Disease, 83(3):1125-1148.

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