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Brockmann-Bauser, Meike; Van Stan, Jarrad H; Carvalho Sampaio, Marilia; Bohlender, Joerg E; Hillman, Robert E; Mehta, Daryush D (2021). Effects of Vocal Intensity and Fundamental Frequency on Cepstral Peak Prominence in Patients with Voice Disorders and Vocally Healthy Controls. Journal of Voice, 35(3):411-417.

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Herbst, Christian T; Nishimura, Takeshi; Garcia, Maxime; Migimatsu, Kishin; Tokuda, Isao T (2020). Effect of Ventricular Folds on Vocalization Fundamental Frequency in Domestic Pigs (Sus scrofa domesticus). Journal of Voice:Epub ahead of print.

Brockmann-Bauser, M; Balandat, B; Bohlender, J E (2020). Immediate Lip Trill Effects on the Standard Diagnostic Measures Voice Range Profile, Jitter, Maximum Phonation Time, and Dysphonia Severity Index. Journal of Voice, 34(6):874-883.

Langenfeld, Anke; Bohlender, Jörg E; Swanenburg, Jaap; Brockmann-Bauser, Meike (2020). Cervical Spine Disability in Correlation with Subjective Voice Handicap in Patients With Voice Disorders: A Retrospective Analysis. Journal of Voice, 34(3):371-379.

Munier, Caitriona; Brockmann-Bauser, Meike; Laukkanen, Anne-Maria; Ilomäki, Irma; Kankare, Elina; Geneid, Ahmed (2020). Relationship Between Laryngeal Signs and Symptoms, Acoustic Measures, and Quality of Life in Finnish Primary and Kindergarten School Teachers. Journal of Voice, 34(2):259-271.


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Brockmann-Bauser, M (2013). Wie objektiv sind die stimmdiagnostischen Parameter Jitter und Shimmer? Zahlreiche Faktoren können computergestützte akustische Messungen beeinflussen - eine Literaturanalyse sowie Studienvorstellung. Forum Logopädie, 27(3):6-11.


Brockmann, M; Drinnan, M J; Storck, C; Carding, P N (2011). Reliable jitter and shimmer measurements in voice clinics: the relevance of vowel, gender, vocal intensity, and fundamental frequency effects in a typical clinical task. Journal of Voice, 25(1):44-53.


Riedmüller, S; Decoster, W; Brockmann, M (2010). Relevanz des Stimmfeldes für Diagnostik und Therapieevaluation. Forum Logopädie, 4(24):11-15.

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