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Salar-Vidal, Llanos; Aguilera-Correa, John Jairo; Brüggemann, Holger; Achermann, Yvonne; Esteban, Jaime (2022). Microbiological Characterization of Cutibacterium acnes Strains Isolated from Prosthetic Joint Infections. Antibiotics, 11(9):1260.

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Pinheiro, Ericka T; Karygianni, Lamprini; Attin, Thomas; Thurnheer, Thomas (2021). Antibacterial Effect of High-Purity Nisin Alone and in Combination with D-Amino Acids or Chlorhexidine in an Endodontic-Like Biofilm Model. Antibiotics, 10(2):149.

Schnurr, Etyene; Paqué, Pune N; Attin, Thomas; Nanni, Paolo; Grossmann, Jonas; Holtfreter, Silva; Bröker, Barbara M; Kohler, Christian; Diep, Binh An; Ribeiro, Apoena de Aguiar; Thurnheer, Thomas (2021). Staphylococcus aureus Interferes with Streptococci Spatial Distribution and with Protein Expression of Species within a Polymicrobial Oral Biofilm. Antibiotics, 10(2):116.

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