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Badertscher, Patrick; du Fay de Lavallaz, Jeanne; Hammerer-Lercher, Angelika; Mueller, Christian; BASEL IX Investigators (2023). Clinical Utility of D-Dimer for Rule-Out or Rule-In of Venous Thromboembolism in Syncope. Journal of Cardiovascular Translational Research, 16(2):427-429.

Brockbals, Lana; Thomas, Andreas; Schneider, Tom D; Kraemer, Thomas; Steuer, Andrea E; Thevis, Mario (2023). Do dried blood spots have the potential to support result management processes in routine sports drug testing?—Part 3: LC–MS/MS‐based peptide analysis for dried blood spot sampling time point estimation. Drug Testing and Analysis:Epub ahead of print.

Studer, Helene; Imfeld-Isenegger, Tamara L; Beeler, Patrick E; Ceppi, Marco G; Rosen, Christoph; Bodmer, Michael; Boeni, Fabienne; Hersberger, Kurt E; Lampert, Markus L (2023). The impact of pharmacist-led medication reconciliation and interprofessional ward rounds on drug-related problems at hospital discharge. International Journal of Clinical Pharmacy, 45(1):117-125.


Weber, Ronja; Kaeslin, Jérôme; Moeller, Sophia; Perkins, Nathan; Micic, Srdjan; Moeller, Alexander (2022). Effects of a Volatile Organic Compound Filter on Breath Profiles Measured by Secondary Electrospray High-Resolution Mass Spectrometry. Molecules, 28(1):45.

Elksnat, Anna-Lena; Zscherpe, Paula; Klein, Karina; Cavalleri, Jessika Maximiliane; Meißner, Jessica (2022). Effect of an Oxygen-Based Mechanical Drug Delivery System on Percutaneous Permeation of Various Substances In Vitro. Pharmaceutics, 14(12):2722.

Al-Wahaibi, Lamya H; Alagappan, Kowsalya; Blacque, Olivier; Mohamed, Ahmed A B; Hassan, Hanan M; Percino, María Judith; El-Emam, Ali A; Thamotharan, Subbiah (2022). X-ray Structures and Computational Studies of Two Bioactive 2-(Adamantane-1-carbonyl)-N-substituted Hydrazine-1-carbothioamides. Molecules, 27(23):8425-8443.

Al-Wahaibi, Lamya H; Macías, Mario A; Blacque, Olivier; Zondagh, Luke S; Joubert, Jacques; Thamotharan, Subbiah; Percino, María Judith; Mohamed, Ahmed A B; El-Emam, Ali A (2022). Weak Noncovalent Interactions in Three Closely Related Adamantane-Linked 1,2,4-Triazole N-Mannich Bases: Insights from Energy Frameworks, Hirshfeld Surface Analysis, In Silico 11β-HSD1 Molecular Docking and ADMET Prediction. Molecules, 27(21):7403.

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Rüger, Matthias; Seitz, Andreas Martin; Nuss, Katja; von Rechenberg, Brigitte; Seitz, Daniel; Kostmann, Cris; Quadbeck, Peter; Andersen, Olaf; Collins, Caitlyn (2022). A Bioinspired Orthopedic Biomaterial with Tunable Mechanical Properties Based on Sintered Titanium Fibers. Advanced Healthcare Materials, 12(2):e2202106.

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Lokras, Abhijeet; Chakravarty, Akash; Rades, Thomas; Christensen, Dennis; Franzyk, Henrik; Thakur, Aneesh; Foged, Camilla (2022). Simultaneous quantification of multiple RNA cargos co-loaded into nanoparticle-based delivery systems. International journal of pharmaceutics, 626:122171.

Mattern, Annabelle; Habermann, Sebastian; Zegke, Markus; Wickleder, Mathias Siegfried; Alberto, Roger (2022). High-Yield 99mTc Labeling of Gold Nanoparticles Carrying Atropine and Adrenaline. Bioconjugate Chemistry, 33(9):1741-1749.

Freitag, Patrick C; Brandl, Fabian; Brücher, Dominik; Weiss, Fabian; Dreier, Birgit; Plückthun, Andreas (2022). Modular Adapters Utilizing Binders of Different Molecular Types Expand Cell-Targeting Options for Adenovirus Gene Delivery. Bioconjugate Chemistry, 33(9):1595-1601.

Langer, Carolin; Köll-Weber, Monika; Holzer, Martin; Hantel, Constanze; Süss, Regine (2022). Mitotane Nanocarriers for the Treatment of Adrenocortical Carcinoma: Evaluation of Albumin-Stabilized Nanoparticles and Liposomes in a Preclinical In Vitro Study with 3D Spheroids. Pharmaceutics, 14(9):1891.

Spiess, Deborah; Abegg, Vanessa Fabienne; Chauveau, Antoine; Treyer, Andrea; Reinehr, Michael; Oufir, Mouhssin; Duong, Elisa; Potterat, Olivier; Hamburger, Matthias; Simões-Wüst, Ana Paula (2022). Placental Passage of Protopine in an Ex Vivo Human Perfusion System. Planta medica, 87(14):1192-1205.

Steuer, Christian; Quattrini, Dario; Raeber, Justine; Waser, Philipp; Steuer, Andrea E (2022). Easy and convenient millimole‐scale synthesis of new, potential biomarkers for gamma‐hydroxybutyric acid (GHB) intake: Feasible for analytical laboratories. Drug Testing and Analysis, 14(8):1460-1470.

Laitinen, Tuomo; Meili, Theres; Koyioni, Maria; Koutentis, Panayiotis A; Poso, Antti; Hofmann-Lehmann, Regina; Asquith, Christopher R M (2022). Synthesis and evaluation of 1,2,3-dithiazole inhibitors of the nucleocapsid protein of feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV) as a model for HIV infection. Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry, 68:116834.

Thoueille, Paul; Alves Saldanha, Susana; Schaller, Fabian; Munting, Aline; Cavassini, Matthias; Braun, Dominique; Günthard, Huldrych F; Kusejko, Katharina; Surial, Bernard; Furrer, Hansjakob; Rauch, Andri; Ustero, Pilar; Calmy, Alexandra; Stoeckle, Marcel; Battegay, Manuel; Marzolini, Catia; Andre, Pascal; Guidi, Monia; Buclin, Thierry; Decosterd, Laurent A; Swiss HIV Cohort Study (2022). Real-Life Therapeutic Concentration Monitoring of Long-Acting Cabotegravir and Rilpivirine: Preliminary Results of an Ongoing Prospective Observational Study in Switzerland. Pharmaceutics, 14(8):1588.

Doswald, Simon; Herzog, Antoine F; Zeltner, Martin; Zabel, Anja; Pregernig, Andreas; Schläpfer, Martin; Siebenhüner, Alexander; Stark, Wendelin J; Beck-Schimmer, Beatrice (2022). Removal of Circulating Tumor Cells from Blood Samples of Cancer Patients Using Highly Magnetic Nanoparticles: A Translational Research Project. Pharmaceutics, 14(7):1397.

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Millan, Christopher; Prause, Lukas; Vallmajo-Martin, Queralt; Hensky, Natalie; Eberli, Daniel (2022). Extracellular Vesicles from 3D Engineered Microtissues Harbor Disease-Related Cargo Absent in EVs from 2D Cultures. Advanced Healthcare Materials, 11(5):2002067.

Blumberg, Markus; Al-Ameed, Karrar; Eiselt, Erik; Luber, Sandra; Mamat, Constantin (2022). Synthesis of Ionizable Calix[4]arenes for Chelation of Selected Divalent Cations. Molecules, 27(5):1478.

Kim, Bong-Sung; Chen, Shih-Heng; Vasella, Mauro; Guidi, Marco; Gousopoulos, Epameinondas; Lindenblatt, Nicole; Kao, Huang-Kai (2022). In Vivo Evaluation of Mechanically Processed Stromal Vascular Fraction in a Chamber Vascularized by an Arteriovenous Shunt. Pharmaceutics, 14(2):417.


Ni, Ruiqing (2021). Positron Emission Tomography in Animal Models of Alzheimer's Disease Amyloidosis: Translational Implications. Pharmaceuticals, 14(11):1179.

Scotti, Francesca; Mou, Linru; Huang, Chen; Booker, Anthony; Weckerle, Caroline; Maake, Caroline; Heinrich, Michael (2021). Treating Chronic Wounds Using Photoactive Metabolites: Data Mining the Chinese Pharmacopoeia for Potential Lead Species. Planta medica, 87(14):1206-1218.

Spiess, Deborah; Abegg, Vanessa Fabienne; Chauveau, Antoine; Treyer, Andrea; Reinehr, Michael; Oufir, Mouhssin; Duong, Elisa; Potterat, Olivier; Hamburger, Matthias; Simões-Wüst, Ana Paula (2021). Retraction: Placental Passage of Humulone and Protopine in an Ex Vivo Human Perfusion System. Planta medica, 87(14):1192-1205.

Rudbari, Hadi Amiri; Saadati, Arezoo; Aryaeifar, Mahnaz; Correia, Isabel; Marques, Fernanda; Blacque, Olivier; Micale, Nicola (2021). Cytotoxic oxidovanadium(IV) complexes of tridentate halogen‐substituted Schiff bases: First dinuclear V(IV) complexes with O → VIV = O → VIV = O core. Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters, 49:128285.

Paioni, Paolo; Jäggi, Vera F; Tilen, Romy; Seiler, Michelle; Baumann, Philipp; Bräm, Dominic S; Jetzer, Carole; Haid, Robin T U; Goetschi, Aljoscha N; Goers, Roland; Müller, Daniel; Coman Schmid, Diana; Meyer zu Schwabedissen, Henriette E; Rinn, Bernd; Berger, Christoph; Krämer, Stefanie D (2021). Gentamicin Population Pharmacokinetics in Pediatric Patients-A Prospective Study with Data Analysis Using the saemix Package in R. Pharmaceutics, 13(10):1596.

Merten, Hannes; Brandl, Fabian; Zimmermann, Martina; Schaefer, Jonas V; Irpinio, Linda; Sand, Kine M K; Nilsen, Jeannette; Andersen, Jan Terje; Zangemeister-Wittke, Uwe; Plückthun, Andreas (2021). Half-life extension of efficiently produced DARPin serum albumin fusions as a function of FcRn affinity and recycling. European Journal of Pharmaceutics and Biopharmaceutics, 167:104-113.

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Becker, Lukas; Singh Badwal, Jasleen; Brandl, Fabian; Verdurmen, Wouter P R; Plückthun, Andreas (2021). Thermodynamic Stability Is a Strong Predictor for the Delivery of DARPins to the Cytosol via Anthrax Toxin. Pharmaceutics, 13(8):1285.

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