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Muehlematter, Urs J; Bluethgen, Christian; Vokinger, Kerstin N (2023). FDA-cleared artificial intelligence and machine learning-based medical devices and their 510(k) predicate networks. The Lancet Digital Health, 5(9):e618-e626.

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Martins, Higgor Amadeus; Barbosa, José Geraldo; Seffrin, Aldo; Vivan, Lavínia; Souza, Vinicius Ribeiro Dos Anjos; De Lira, Claudio Andre Barbosa; Weiss, Katja; Knechtle, Beat; Andrade, Marilia Santos (2023). Sex Differences in Maximal Oxygen Uptake Adjusted for Skeletal Muscle Mass in Amateur Endurance Athletes: A Cross Sectional Study. Healthcare, 11(10):1502.

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Biller, Armin; Biller-Andorno, Nikola (2023). From text to interaction: The digital advance directive method for advance directives. Digital Health, 9:20552076221147414.


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Economou, Nicholas-Tiberio; Cholidou, Kyriaki; Kallianos, Anastasios; Weiss, Katja; Knechtle, Beat; Nikolaidis, Pantelis T; Trakada, Georgia (2022). “Peculiar” Snoring in a 40-Year-Old Patient: A Case Report and Review of Literature. Healthcare, 10(6):1051.

Jokic, Stefan; Cleres, David; Rassouli, Frank; Steurer-Stey, Claudia; Puhan, Milo A; Brutsche, Martin; Fleisch, Elgar; Barata, Filipe (2022). TripletCough: Cougher Identification and Verification From Contact-Free Smartphone-Based Audio Recordings Using Metric Learning. IEEE Journal of Biomedical and Health Informatics, 26(6):2746-2757.

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Yebyo, Henock G; Braun, Julia; Menges, Dominik; ter Riet, Gerben; Sadatsafavi, Mohsen; Puhan, Milo A (2021). Personalising add-on treatment with inhaled corticosteroids in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: a benefit–harm modelling study. The Lancet Digital Health, 3(10):e644-e653.

Golshani, Sanobar; Najafpour, Ali; Hashemian, Seyed Sepehr; Goudarzi, Nasser; Shahmari, Fatemeh; Golshani, Sanam; Babaei, Masthaneh; Firoozabadi, Kimia; Dürsteler, Kenneth M; Brühl, Annette Beatrix; Shakeri, Jalal; Brand, Serge; Sadeghi-Bahmani, Dena (2021). When Much Is Too Much—Compared to Light Exercisers, Heavy Exercisers Report More Mental Health Issues and Stress, but Less Sleep Complaints. Healthcare, 9(10):1289.

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Muehlematter, Urs J; Daniore, Paola; Vokinger, Kerstin N (2021). Approval of artificial intelligence and machine learning-based medical devices in the USA and Europe (2015–20): a comparative analysis. The Lancet Digital Health, 3(3):e195-e203.

Chazard, Emmanuel; Boudry, Augustin; Beeler, Patrick Emanuel; Dalleur, Olivia; Hubert, Hervé; Tréhou, Eric; Beuscart, Jean-Baptiste; Bates, David Westfall (2021). Towards The Automated, Empirical Filtering of Drug-Drug Interaction Alerts in Clinical Decision Support Systems: Historical Cohort Study of Vitamin K Antagonists. JMIR Medical Informatics, 9(1):e20862.


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