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Tachatos, Nikolaos; Willms, Jan Folkard; Gerlt, Michael Sebastian; Kuruvithadam, Kiran; Hugelshofer, Michael; Akeret, Kevin; Deuel, Jeremy; Keller, Emanuela; Schmid Daners, Marianne (2024). OxyHbMeter—a novel bedside medical device for monitoring cell-free hemoglobin in the cerebrospinal fluid—proof of principle. Frontiers in Medical Technology, 6:1274058.


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Ferreira, Antonio; Schönenberger, Katja A; Potoczna, Natascha; Vogt, Andreas; Gerber, Philipp A; Zehetner, Jörg; Giachino, Daniel; Nett, Philipp; Gawinecka, Joanna; Cossu, Luca; Fuster, Daniel G; Dalla Man, Chiara; Facchinetti, Andrea; Melmer, Andreas; Nakas, Christos T; Hepprich, Matthias; Donath, Marc Y; Herzig, David; Bally, Lia (2023). Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Crossover Trial of Once Daily Empagliflozin 25 mg for the Treatment of Postprandial Hypoglycemia After Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass. Diabetes Technology & Therapeutics, 25(7):467-475.

Omali, Denis; Buzibye, Allan; Kwizera, Richard; Byakika-Kibwika, Pauline; Namakula, Rhoda; Matovu, Joshua; Mbabazi, Olive; Mande, Emmanuel; Sekaggya-Wiltshire, Christine; Nakanjako, Damalie; Gutteck, Ursula; McAdam, Keith; Easterbrook, Philippa; Kambugu, Andrew; Fehr, Jan; Castelnuovo, Barbara; Manabe, Yukari C; Lamorde, Mohammed; Mueller, Daniel; Merry, Concepta (2023). Building clinical pharmacology laboratory capacity in low- and middle-income countries: Experience from Uganda. African journal of laboratory medicine, 12(1):1956.

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van der Mierden, Stevie; Leenaars, Cathalijn H C; Boyle, Erin; Ripoli, Florenza L; Gass, Peter; Durst, Mattea; Goerlich-Jansson, Vivian C; Jirkof, Paulin; Bleich, Andre (2021). Measuring endogenous corticosterone in laboratory mice - a mapping review, meta-analysis, and open source database. ALTEX, 38(1):111-122.

Grysko, Raleigh; Plekhanova, Elena; Oehri, Jacqueline; Karsanaev, Sergey V; Maximov, Trofim C; Schaepman-Strub, Gabriela (2021). Design of the tundra rainfall experiment (TRainEx) to simulate future summer precipitation scenarios. MethodsX, 8:101331.


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Annema, Wijtske; Nowak, Albina; von Eckardstein, Arnold; Saleh, Lanja (2018). Evaluation of the new restandardized Abbott Architect 25-OH Vitamin D assay in vitamin D-insufficient and vitamin D-supplemented individuals. Journal of Clinical Laboratory Analysis, 32(4):e22328.


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