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Carbajal-Contreras, Héctor; Murillo-de-Ozores, Adrian Rafael; Magaña-Avila, Germán; Marquez-Salinas, Alejandro; Bourqui, Laurent; Tellez-Sutterlin, Michelle; Bahena-Lopez, Jessica P; Cortes-Arroyo, Eduardo; González-Behn-Eschemburg, Sebastián; Lopez-Saavedra, Alejandro; Vazquez, Norma; Ellison, David H; Loffing, Johannes; Gamba, Gerardo; Castañeda-Bueno, María (2024). Arginine Vasopressin regulates the renal Na-Cl and Na-K-Cl Cotransporters through With-No-Lysine Kinase 4 and Inhibitor 1 Phosphorylation. American Journal of Physiology : Renal Physiology, 326(2):F285-F299.

Garg, Kirti; Mohajeri, M Hasan (2024). Potential effects of the most prescribed drugs on the microbiota-gut-brain-axis: A review. Brain Research Bulletin, 207:110883.

Dean, Isaac; Lee, Colin Y C; Tuong, Zewen K; Li, Zhi; Tibbitt, Christopher A; Willis, Claire; Gaspal, Fabrina; Kennedy, Bethany C; Matei-Rascu, Veronika; Fiancette, Rémi; Nordenvall, Caroline; Lindforss, Ulrik; Baker, Syed Murtuza; Stockmann, Christian; Sexl, Veronika; Hammond, Scott A; Dovedi, Simon J; Mjösberg, Jenny; Hepworth, Matthew R; Carlesso, Gianluca; Clatworthy, Menna R; Withers, David R (2024). Rapid functional impairment of natural killer cells following tumor entry limits anti-tumor immunity. Nature Communications, 15(1):683.

Gränicher, Pascale; Mulder, Loes; Lenssen, Ton; Fucentese, Sandro F; Swanenburg, Jaap; De Bie, Rob; Scherr, Johannes (2024). Exercise- and education-based prehabilitation before total knee arthroplasty: a pilot study. Journal of Rehabilitation Medicine, 56:jrm18326.

Radvanyi, Zsuzsa; Yoo, Eun Jin; Kandasamy, Palanivel; Salas-Bastos, Adrian; Monnerat, Sophie; Refardt, Julie; Christ-Crain, Mirjam; Hayashi, Himeka; Kondo, Yasuhiko; Jantsch, Jonathan; Rubio-Aliaga, Isabel; Sommer, Lukas; Wagner, Carsten A; Hediger, Matthias A; Kwon, Hyug Moo; Loffing, Johannes; Pathare, Ganesh (2024). Extracellular sodium regulates fibroblast growth factor 23 (FGF23) formation. Journal of Biological Chemistry, 300(1):105480.

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Bourgeois, Soline; Kovacikova, Jana; Bugarski, Milica; Bettoni, Carla; Gehring, Nicole; Hall, Andrew; Wagner, Carsten A (2024). The B1 H + -ATPase ( Atp6v1b1 ) Subunit in Non-Type-A Intercalated Cells is Required for Driving Pendrin Activity and the Renal Defence Against Alkalosis. Journal of the American Society of Nephrology (JASN), 35(1):7-21.

Jaric, Ivana; Voelkl, Bernhard; Amrein, Irmgard; Wolfer, David P; Novak, Janja; Detotto, Carlotta; Weber-Stadlbauer, Ulrike; Meyer, Urs; Manuella, Francesca; Mansuy, Isabelle M; Würbel, Hanno (2024). Using mice from different breeding sites fails to improve replicability of results from single-laboratory studies. Lab animal, 53(1):18-22.

Musillo, Chiara; Creutzberg, Kerstin C; Collacchi, Barbara; Ajmone-Cat, Maria Antonietta; De Simone, Roberta; Lepre, Marcello; Amrein, Irmgard; Riva, Marco A; Berry, Alessandra; Cirulli, Francesca (2023). Bdnf-Nrf-2 crosstalk and emotional behavior are disrupted in a sex-dependent fashion in adolescent mice exposed to maternal stress or maternal obesity. Translational Psychiatry, 13(1):399.

Vladimirov, Nikita; Voigt, Fabian F; Naert, Thomas; Araujo, Gabriela R; Cai, Ruiyao; Reuss, Anna Maria; Zhao, Shan; Schmid, Patricia; Hildebrand, Sven; Schaettin, Martina; Groos, Dominik; Mateos, José María; Bethge, Philipp; Yamamoto, Taiyo; Aerne, Valentino; Roebroeck, Alard; Ertürk, Ali; Aguzzi, Adriano; Ziegler, Urs; Stoeckli, Esther; Baudis, Laura; Lienkamp, Soeren S; Helmchen, Fritjof (2023). The Benchtop mesoSPIM: a next-generation open-source light-sheet microscope for large cleared samples. bioRxiv 2023.06.16, University of Zurich.

Wernlé, Kendra; Thiel, Cora S; Ullrich, Oliver (2023). Increased H3K9me3 and F-Actin Reorganization in the Rapid Adaptive Response to Hypergravity in Human T Lymphocytes. International Journal of Molecular Sciences, 24(24):17232.

Tröndle, Kevin; Rizzo, Ludovica; Pichler, Roman; Zimmermann, Stefan; Lienkamp, Soeren S (2023). Flow induces common and specific transcriptional changes in renal tubular epithelial cells involving the PI3K pathway. FASEB Journal, 38(1):e23329.

Stoker, Carol R; Glass, Brian J; Stucky, Thomas R; Dave, Arwen I; Kobayashi, Linda T; Quinn, Richard C; Moreno-Paz, Mercedes; Sánchez-García, Laura; Mora, Maria F; Kehl, Florian; Parro, Víctor; Willis, Peter A; Davila, Alfonso; Noe Dobrea, Eldar; Rask, Jon C; Ricardo, Daniel (2023). A Mission Simulating the Search for Life on Mars with Automated Drilling, Sample Handling, and Life Detection Instruments Performed in the Hyperarid Core of the Atacama Desert, Chile. Astrobiology, 23(12):1284-1302.

Ullrich, Oliver; Fischer, Calista (2023). Der Schweizer Innovationspark für Luft- und Raumfahrt. Raumfahrt Concret:2-16.

Santhosh Kumar, Harshitha; Moore, James; Steiner, Adrian C; Sotirakis, Emmanuel; Schärli, Benjamin; Isnard-Petit, Patricia; Thiam, Kader; Wolfer, David P; Böttger, Erik C (2023). Mistranslation-associated perturbations of proteostasis do not promote accumulation of amyloid beta and plaque deposition in aged mouse brain. Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences, 80(12):378.

Ma, Xueqian; Schildknecht, Beatrice; Steiner, Adrian C; Amrein, Irmgard; Nigri, Martina; Bramati, Giulia; Wolfer, David P (2023). Refinement of IntelliCage protocols for complex cognitive tasks through replacement of drinking restrictions by incentive-disincentive paradigms. Frontiers in Behavioral Neuroscience, 17:1232546.

Ullrich, Oliver (2023). Raumfahrt ermöglicht eine nachhaltige Zukunft. Flugmedizin - Tropenmedizin - Reisemedizin, 30(05):225.

Ullrich, Oliver; Casal, Christian Paul; Dové, Natalie; Fischer, Calista; Gassmann, Max; Gerber, Martin Daniel; Guldener, Rudolf; Layer, Liliana Elisabeth; Neininger, Bruno; Ulrich, Silvia; Studer, Marc; Thiel, Cora Sandra (2023). Swiss Parabolic Flights: Development of a Non-Governmental Parabolic Flight Program in Switzerland Based on the Airbus A310 ZERO-G. Aerospace, 10(10):860.

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Wernlé, Kendra K; Sonnenfelt, Michael A; Leek, Connor C; Ganji, Elahe; Sullivan, Anna Lia; Offutt, Claudia; Shuff, Jordan; Ornitz, David M; Killian, Megan L (2023). Loss of Fgfr1 and Fgfr2 in Scleraxis-lineage cells leads to enlarged bone eminences and attachment cell death. Developmental Dynamics, 252(9):1180-1188.

Fan, Zheng; Ardicoglu, Raphaela; Batavia, Aashil A; Rust, Ruslan; von Ziegler, Lukas; Waag, Rebecca; Zhang, Jing; Desgeorges, Thibaut; Sturman, Oliver; Dang, Hairuo; Weber, Rebecca; Roszkowski, Martin; Moor, Andreas E; Schwab, Martin E; Germain, Pierre-Luc; Bohacek, Johannes; De Bock, Katrien (2023). The vascular gene Apold1 is dispensable for normal development but controls angiogenesis under pathological conditions. Angiogenesis, 26(3):385-407.

Swanenburg, Jaap; Easthope, Christopher A; Meinke, Anita; Langenfeld, Anke; Green, David A; Schweinhardt, Petra (2023). Lunar and mars gravity induce similar changes in spinal motor control as microgravity. Frontiers in Physiology, 14:1196929.

Berber, Mesut; Leng, Sining; Wengi, Agnieszka; Winter, Denise V; Odermatt, Alex; Beuschlein, Felix; Loffing, Johannes; Breault, David T; Penton, David (2023). Calcineurin regulates aldosterone production via dephosphorylation of NFATc4. Journal of clinical investigation insight, 8(14):e157027.

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Drevinskas, Tomas; Noell, Aaron C; Kehl, Florian; Zamuruyev, Konstantin; Ferreira Santos, Mauro S; Mora, Maria F; Boone, Travis D; Hoac, Trinh; Quinn, Richard C; Ricco, Antonio J; Willis, Peter A (2023). A gravity‐independent single‐phase electrode reservoir for capillary electrophoresis applications. Electrophoresis, 44(13-14):1047-1056.

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Franckenberg, Sabine; Sieberth, Till; Ptacek, Wolfgang; Fürst, Martin; Colacicco, Giovanni; Ebert, Lars (2023). Technical note: Semiautomated targeted postmortem computed tomography angiography of the pulmonary arteries using a robotic system. Forensic Science International, 348:111712.

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Saha, Bidisha; Shabbir, Waheed; Takagi, Enzo; Duan, Xin-Peng; Almeida Leite Dellova, Deise Carla; Demko, John; Manis, Anna; Loffing-Cueni, Dominique; Loffing, Johannes; Sørensen, Mads Vaarby; Wang, Wen-Hui; Pearce, David (2023). Potassium Activates mTORC2-dependent SGK1 Phosphorylation to Stimulate ENaC: Role in Rapid Renal Responses to Dietary Potassium. Journal of the American Society of Nephrology (JASN), 34(6):1019-1038.

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Loffing, Johannes; Pech, Vladimir; Loffing-Cueni, Dominique; Abood, Delaney C; Kim, Young Hee; Chen, Chao; Pham, Truyen D; Verlander, Jill W; Wall, Susan M (2023). Pendrin abundance, subcellular distribution, and function are unaffected by either αENaC gene ablation or by increasing ENaC channel activity. Pflügers Archiv : European Journal of Physiology, 475(5):607-620.

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Ganner, Athina; Philipp, Antonia; Lagies, Simon; Wingendorf, Laura; Wang, Lu; Pilz, Felicitas; Welte, Thomas; Grand, Kelli; Lienkamp, Soeren Sten; Klein, Marinella; Kammerer, Bernd; Frew, Ian J; Walz, Gerd; Neumann-Haefelin, Elke (2023). SCD5 Regulation by VHL Affects Cell Proliferation and Lipid Homeostasis in ccRCC. Cells, 12(6):835.

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