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Pearson, Adam; Haenni, Dominik; Bouitbir, Jamal; Hunt, Matthew; Payne, Brendan A I; Sachdeva, Ashwin; Hung, Rachel K Y; Post, Frank A; Connolly, John; Nlandu-Khodo, Stellor; Jankovic, Nevena; Bugarski, Milica; Hall, Andrew M (2022). Integration of High-Throughput Imaging and Multiparametric Metabolic Profiling Reveals a Mitochondrial Mechanism of Tenofovir Toxicity. Function, 4(1):zqac065.

Santos, Rui; Bürgi, Max; Mateos, José María; Luciani, Alessandro; Loffing, Johannes (2022). Too bright for 2 dimensions: recent progress in advanced 3-dimensional microscopy of the kidney. Kidney International, 102(6):1238-1246.

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Bugarski, Milica; Ghazi, Susan; Polesel, Marcello; Martins, Joana R; Hall, Andrew M (2021). Changes in NAD and lipid metabolism drive acidosis-induced acute kidney injury. Journal of the American Society of Nephrology (JASN), 32(2):342-356.

Ghazi, Susan; Bourgeois, Soline; Gomariz, Alvaro; Bugarski, Milica; Haenni, Dominik; Martins, Joana R; Nombela-Arrieta, César; Unwin, Robert J; Wagner, Carsten A; Hall, Andrew M; Craigie, Eilidh (2020). Multiparametric imaging reveals that mitochondria-rich intercalated cells in the kidney collecting duct have a very high glycolytic capacity. FASEB Journal, 34(6):8510-8525.

Gottwald, Esther M; Schuh, Claus D; Drücker, Patrick; Haenni, Dominik; Pearson, Adam; Ghazi, Susan; Bugarski, Milica; Polesel, Marcello; Duss, Michael; Landau, Ehud M; Kaech, Andres; Ziegler, Urs; Lundby, Anne K M; Lundby, Carsten; Dittrich, Petra S; Hall, Andrew M (2020). The iron chelator Deferasirox causes severe mitochondrial swelling without depolarization due to a specific effect on inner membrane permeability. Scientific Reports, 10(1):1577.

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Prange, Jenny A; Aleandri, Simone; Komisarski, Marek; Luciani, Alessandro; Käch, Andres; Schuh, Claus-Dieter; Hall, Andrew M; Mezzenga, Raffaele; Devuyst, Olivier; Landau, Ehud M (2019). Overcoming Endocytosis Deficiency by Cubosome Nanocarriers. ACS Applied Bio Materials, 2(6):2490-2499.

Wild, Peter; Leisinger, Sabine; de Oliveira, Anna Paula; Doehner, Jana; Schraner, Elisabeth M; Fraevel, Cornel; Ackermann, Mathias; Kaech, Andres (2019). Nuclear envelope impairment is facilitated by the herpes simplex virus 1 Us3 kinase. F1000Research, 8:198.

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Gottwald, Esther M; Duss, Michael; Bugarski, Milica; Haenni, Dominik; Schuh, Claus D; Landau, Ehud M; Hall, Andrew M (2018). The targeted anti-oxidant MitoQ causes mitochondrial swelling and depolarization in kidney tissue. Physiological Reports, 6(7):e13667.

Seth-Smith, Helena M B; Katharios, Pantelis; Dourala, Nancy; Mateos, José M; Fehr, Alexander G J; Nufer, Lisbeth; Ruetten, Maja; Guevara Soto, Maricruz; Vaughan, Lloyd (2017). Ca. Similichlamydia in epitheliocystis co-infection of gilthead seabream gills: unique morphological features of a deep branching chlamydial family. Frontiers in Microbiology, 8:508.

Pensalfini, Marco; Ehret, Alexander E; Stüdeli, Silvia; Marino, Daniela; Kaech, Andres; Reichmann, Ernst; Mazza, Edoardo (2017). Factors affecting the mechanical behavior of collagen hydrogels for skin tissue engineering. Journal of the Mechanical Behavior of Biomedical Materials, 69:85-97.

Broggini, Thomas; Schnell, Lisa; Ghoochani, Ali; Mateos, José María; Buchfelder, Michael; Wiendieck, Kurt; Schäfer, Michael K; Eyupoglu, Ilker Y; Savaskan, Nicolai E (2016). Plasticity Related Gene 3 (PRG3) overcomes myelin-associated growth inhibition and promotes functional recovery after spinal cord injury. Aging, 8(10):2463-2487.

Hinger, Doris; Navarro, Fabrice; Käch, Andres; Thomann, Jean-Sébastien; Mittler, Frédérique; Couffin, Anne-Claude; Maake, Caroline (2016). Photoinduced effects of m-tetrahydroxyphenylchlorin loaded lipid nanoemulsions on multicellular tumor spheroids. Journal of Nanobiotechnology, 14:68.

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Zumthor, Jon Paulin; Cernikova, Lenka; Rout, Samuel; Kaech, Andres; Faso, Carmen; Hehl, Adrian B (2016). Static clathrin assemblies at the peripheral vacuole-plasma membrane interface of the parasitic protozoan giardia lamblia. PLoS Pathogens, 12(7):e1005756.

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Czogalla, Jan; Vohra, Twinkle; Penton, David; Kirschmann, Moritz; Craigie, Eilidh; Loffing, Johannes (2016). The mineralocorticoid receptor (MR) regulates ENaC but not NCC in mice with random MR deletion. Pflügers Archiv : European Journal of Physiology, 468(5):849-858.

Prange, Jenny A; Bieri, Manuela; Segerer, Stephan; Burger, Charlotte; Kaech, Andres; Moritz, Wolfgang; Devuyst, Olivier (2016). Human proximal tubule cells form functional microtissues. Pflügers Archiv : European Journal of Physiology, 468(4):739-750.

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Herrmann, Inge K; Beck-Schimmer, Beatrice; Schumacher, Christoph M; Gschwind, Sabrina; Kaech, Andres; Ziegler, Urs; Clavien, Pierre-Alain; Günther, Detlef; Stark, Wendelin J; Graf, Rolf; Schlegel, Andrea A (2016). In vivorisk evaluation of carbon-coated iron carbide nanoparticles based on short- and long-term exposure scenarios. Nanomedicine, 11(7):783-796.

Schuh, C D; Haenni, D; Craigie, E; Ziegler, U; Weber, B; Devuyst, O; Hall, Andrew M (2016). Long wavelength multiphoton excitation is advantageous for intravital kidney imaging. Kidney International, 89(3):712-719.

Limani, Perparim; Linecker, Michael; Oberkofler, Christian E; Barmettler, Gery; Kaech, Andres; Graf, Rolf; Humar, Bostjan; Clavien, Pierre-Alain (2016). Remote Ischemic Preconditioning. Annals of Surgery, 264(5):797-803.

Mateos, José María; Guhl, Bruno; Doehner, Jana; Barmettler, Gery; Kaech, Andres; Ziegler, Urs (2016). Topographic contrast of ultrathin cryo-sections for correlative super-resolution light and electron microscopy. Scientific Reports, 6:34062.

Katharios, Pantelis; Seth-Smith, Helena M B; Fehr, Alexander; Mateos, José María; Qi, Weihong; Richter, Denis; Nufer, Lisbeth; Ruetten, Maja; Guevara Soto, Maricruz; Ziegler, Urs; Thomson, Nicholas R; Schlapbach, Ralph; Vaughan, Lloyd (2015). Environmental marine pathogen isolation using mesocosm culture of sharpsnout seabream: striking genomic and morphological features of novel Endozoicomonas sp. Scientific Reports, 5:onlie.

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Sugano, Yuya; Lindenmeyer, Maja T; Auberger, Ines; Ziegler, Urs; Segerer, Stephan; Cohen, Clemens D; Neuhauss, Stephan C F; Loffing, Johannes (2015). The Rho-GTPase binding protein IQGAP2 is required for the glomerular filtration barrier. Kidney International, 88(5):1047-1056.

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Wild, Peter; Leisinger, Sabine; de Oliveira, Anna Paula; Schraner, Elisabeth M; Kaech, Andres; Ackermann, Mathias; Tobler, Kurt (2015). Herpes simplex virus 1 Us3 deletion mutant is infective despite impaired capsid translocation to the cytoplasm. Viruses, 7(1):52-71.

Wälchli, Thomas; Mateos, José María; Weinman, Oliver; Babic, Daniela; Regli, Luca; Hoerstrup, Simon P; Gerhardt, Holger; Schwab, Martin E; Vogel, Johannes (2015). Quantitative assessment of angiogenesis, perfused blood vessels and endothelial tip cells in the postnatal mouse brain. Nature Protocols, 10(1):53-74.

Stutz, Katrin; Kaech, Andres; Aebi, Markus; Künzler, Markus; Hengartner, Michael O (2015). Disruption of the C. elegans intestinal brush border by the fungal lectin CCL2 phenocopies dietary lectin toxicity in mammals. PLoS ONE, 10(6):e0129381.

Desirò, Alessandro; Faccio, Antonella; Kaech, Andres; Bidartondo, Martin I; Bonfante, Paola (2015). Endogone, one of the oldest plant-associated fungi, host unique Mollicutes-related endobacteria. New Phytologist, 205(4):1464-1472.

Sikora, Michal; Scheiner, David; Betschart, Cornelia; Perucchini, Daniele; Mateos, José María; di Natale, Anthony; Fink, Daniel; Maake, Caroline (2015). Label-free, three-dimensional multiphoton microscopy of the connective tissue in the anterior vaginal wall. International Urogynecology Journal and Pelvic Floor Dysfunction, 26(5):685-691.

Savić, Nataša; Bär, Dominik; Leone, Sergio; Frommel, Sandra C; Weber, Fabienne A; Vollenweider, Eva; Ferrari, Elena; Ziegler, Urs; Kaech, Andres; Shakhova, Olga; Cinelli, Paolo; Santoro, Raffaella (2014). lncRNA maturation to initiate heterochromatin formation in the nucleolus is required for exit from pluripotency in ESCs. Cell Stem Cell, 15(6):720-734.

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