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Dibitetto, Diego; Liptay, Martin; Vivalda, Francesca; Dogan, Hülya; Gogola, Ewa; González Fernández, Martín; Duarte, Alexandra; Schmid, Jonas A; Decollogny, Morgane; Francica, Paola; Przetocka, Sara; Durant, Stephen T; Forment, Josep V; Klebic, Ismar; Siffert, Myriam; de Bruijn, Roebi; Kousholt, Arne N; Marti, Nicole A; Dettwiler, Martina; Sørensen, Claus S; Tille, Jean-Christophe; Undurraga, Manuela; Labidi-Galy, Intidhar; Lopes, Massimo; Sartori, Alessandro A; Jonkers, Jos; Rottenberg, Sven (2024). H2AX promotes replication fork degradation and chemosensitivity in BRCA-deficient tumours. Nature Communications, 15(1):4430.

Saguner-Bonetti, Nicole Regula. Inflammaging as a Mediator of Age-Dependent Cardiovascular Disease – an Investigation of Underlying Mechanisms and Potential Therapeutic and Preventive Targets. 2024, University of Zurich, Faculty of Science.

Lynch, Jennifer; Troadec, Estelle; Fung, Tsz Kan; Gladysz, Kornelia; Virely, Clemence; Lau, Priscilla Nga Ieng; Cheung, Ngai; Zeisig, Bernd; Wong, Jason Wing Hon; Lopes, Massimo; Huang, Suming; So, Chi Wai Eric (2024). Hematopoietic stem cell quiescence and DNA replication dynamics maintained by the resilient β-catenin/Hoxa9/Prmt1 axis. Blood, 143(16):1586-1598.

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Andronic, Octavian; Chaharbakhshi, Edwin O; Zingg, Patrick O; Germann, Christoph; Rahm, Stefan; Lall, Ajay C; Domb, Benjamin G (2024). No Difference in Patient-Reported Outcomes for Periacetabular Osteotomy and Hip Arthroscopy With Capsular Plication in the Setting of Borderline Hip Dysplasia: A Propensity-Matched Multicenter Study With Minimum 5-Year Follow-up. Arthroscopy: The Journal of Arthroscopic & Related Surgery, 40(3):754-762.

Muñoz, Sergio; Blanco-Romero, Elena; González-Acosta, Daniel; Rodriguez-Acebes, Sara; Megías, Diego; Lopes, Massimo; Méndez, Juan (2024). RAD51 restricts DNA over-replication from re-activated origins. The EMBO Journal, 43(6):1043-1064.

González-Acosta, Daniel; Lopes, Massimo (2024). DNA replication and replication stress response in the context of nuclear architecture. Chromosoma, 133(1):57-75.

Martinikova, Andra S; Stoyanov, Miroslav; Oravetzova, Anna; Kok, Yannick P; Yu, Shibo; Dobrovolna, Jana; Janscak, Pavel; van Vugt, Marcel; Macurek, Libor (2024). PPM1D activity promotes the replication stress caused by cyclin E1 overexpression. Molecular Oncology, 18(1):6-20.

Chanou, Anna; Weiβ, Matthias; Holler, Karoline; Sajid, Atiqa; Straub, Tobias; Krietsch, Jana; Sanchi, Andrea; Ummethum, Henning; Lee, Clare S K; Kruse, Elisabeth; Trauner, Manuel; Werner, Marcel; Lalonde, Maxime; Lopes, Massimo; Scialdone, Antonio; Hamperl, Stephan (2023). Single molecule MATAC-seq reveals key determinants of DNA replication origin efficiency. Nucleic Acids Research, 51(22):12303-12324.

Palumbieri, Maria Dilia; Merigliano, Chiara; González-Acosta, Daniel; Kuster, Danina; Krietsch, Jana; Stoy, Henriette; von Känel, Thomas; Ulferts, Svenja; Welter, Bettina; Frey, Joël; Doerdelmann, Cyril; Sanchi, Andrea; Grosse, Robert; Chiolo, Irene; Lopes, Massimo (2023). Nuclear actin polymerization rapidly mediates replication fork remodeling upon stress by limiting PrimPol activity. Nature Communications, 14(1):7819.

He, Jiazhuo; Nascakova, Zuzana; Leary, Peter; Papa, Giovanni; Valenta, Tomas; Basler, Konrad; Müller, Anne (2023). Inactivation of the tumor suppressor gene Apc synergizes with H. pylori to induce DNA damage in murine gastric stem and progenitor cells. Science Advances, 9(46):eadh0322.

Nieuwland, Arend J; Waibel, Felix W A; Flury, Andreas; Lisy, Marcus; Berli, Martin C; Lipsky, Benjamin A; Uçkay, İlker; Schöni, Madlaina (2023). Initial antibiotic therapy for postoperative moderate or severe diabetic foot infections: Broad versus narrow spectrum, empirical versus targeted. Diabetes, Obesity & Metabolism, 25(11):3290-3297.

Hochreiter, Bettina; Selman, Farah; Calek, Anna-Katharina; Kriechling, Philipp; Götschi, Tobias; Grubhofer, Florian; Wieser, Karl; Bouaicha, Samy (2023). Why is female gender associated with poorer clinical outcome after reverse total shoulder arthroplasty? Journal of Shoulder and Elbow Surgery, 32(11):2355-2365.

Wildschut, Mattheus H E; Mena, Julien; Dördelmann, Cyril; van Oostrum, Marc; Hale, Benjamin D; Settelmeier, Jens; Festl, Yasmin; Lysenko, Veronika; Schürch, Patrick M; Ring, Alexander; Severin, Yannik; Bader, Michael S; Pedrioli, Patrick G A; Goetze, Sandra; van Drogen, Audrey; Balabanov, Stefan; Skoda, Radek C; Lopes, Massimo; Wollscheid, Bernd; Theocharides, Alexandre P A; Snijder, Berend (2023). Proteogenetic drug response profiling elucidates targetable vulnerabilities of myelofibrosis. Nature Communications, 14(1):6414.

Moro, Ramona N; Biswas, Uddipta; Kharat, Suhas S; Duzanic, Filip D; Das, Prosun; Stavrou, Maria; Raso, Maria C; Freire, Raimundo; Chaudhuri, Arnab Ray; Sharan, Shyam K; Penengo, Lorenza (2023). Interferon restores replication fork stability and cell viability in BRCA-defective cells via ISG15. Nature Communications, 14(1):6140.

Suter, Daniel; Hodel, Sandro; Liebmann, Florentin; Fürnstahl, Philipp; Farshad, Mazda (2023). Factors affecting augmented reality head-mounted device performance in real OR. European Spine Journal, 32(10):3425-3433.

Clerbaux, Laure-Alix; Cordier, Pierre; Desboeufs, Nina; Unger, Kristian; Leary, Peter; Semere, Gabriel; Boege, Yannick; Chan, Lap Kwan; Desdouets, Chantal; Lopes, Massimo; Weber, Achim (2023). Mcl-1 deficiency in murine livers leads to nuclear polyploidisation and mitotic errors: Implications for hepatocellular carcinoma. JHEP Reports, 5(10):100838.

Imhoff, Florian B; Vlachopoulos, Lazaros (2023). Slope und frontale Achse: 3-dimensionale Analyse und Korrektur mit patientenspezifischen Schnittblöcken an der proximalen Tibia. Operative Orthopädie und Traumatologie, 35(5):248-257.

Rastokina, Anastasia; Cebrián, Jorge; Mozafari, Negin; Mandel, Nicholas H; Smith, C I Edvard; Lopes, Massimo; Zain, Rula; Mirkin, Sergei M (2023). Large-scale expansions of Friedreich's ataxia GAA•TTC repeats in an experimental human system: role of DNA replication and prevention by LNA-DNA oligonucleotides and PNA oligomers. Nucleic Acids Research, 51(16):8532-8549.

Lalji, Rahim; Hincapié, Cesar A; Macpherson, Alison; Howitt, Scott; Marshall, Cameron; Tamim, Hala (2023). Association Between First Attempt Buffalo Concussion Treadmill Test and Days to Recovery in 855 Children With Sport-Related Concussion: A Historical Cohort Study and Prognostic Factors Analysis. Clinical Journal of Sport Medicine, 33(5):505-511.

Calek, Anna-Katharina; Altorfer, Franziska; Fasser, Marie-Rosa; Widmer, Jonas; Farshad, Mazda (2023). Interspinous and spinolaminar synthetic vertebropexy of the lumbar spine. European Spine Journal, 32(9):3183-3191.

Fritz, Benjamin; de Cesar Netto, Cesar; Fritz, Jan (2023). Multiaxial 3D MRI of the Ankle: Advanced High-Resolution Visualization of Ligaments, Tendons, and Articular Cartilage. Foot and Ankle Clinics, 28(3):529-550.

Bahl, Anisha; Horgan, Conor C; Janatka, Mirek; MacCormac, Oscar J; Noonan, Philip; Xie, Yijing; Qiu, Jianrong; Cavalcanti, Nicola; Fürnstahl, Philipp; Ebner, Michael; Bergholt, Mads S; Shapey, Jonathan; Vercauteren, Tom (2023). Synthetic white balancing for intra-operative hyperspectral imaging. Journal of Medical Imaging, 10(4):046001.

Hincapié, Cesar A; Hofstetter, Léonie; Lalji, Rahim; Korner, Longin; Schläppi, Mireille C; Leemann, Serafin (2023). Use of electronic patient records and encrypted email patient communication among Swiss chiropractors: a population-based cross-sectional study. Chiropractic and Manual Therapies, 31(1):21.

Andronic, Octavian; Germann, Christoph; Jud, Lukas; Zingg, Patrick O (2023). Factors influencing patient-reported outcomes following periacetabular osteotomy and open osteochondroplasty in the setting of borderline hip dysplasia. The Bone & Joint Journal, 105-B(7):735-742.

Calek, Anna-Katharina; Tsagkaris, Christos; Fasser, Marie-Rosa; Widmer, Jonas; Hagel, Vincent; Farshad, Mazda (2023). Biomechanical limitations of partial pediculectomy in endoscopic spine surgery. The Spine Journal, 23(7):1088-1095.

Karczewski, Daniel; Bäcker, Henrik; Andronic, Octavian; Bedi, Angad; Adelhoefer, Siegfried; Müllner, Maximilian; Gonzalez, Marcos R (2023). Serratia marcescens prosthetic joint infection: two case reports and a review of the literature. Journal of Medical Case Reports, 17(1):294.

Zhang, Lihang; Li, Changzhao; Zhang, Jiaying; Zou, Diyang; Dimitriou, Dimitris; Xing, Xing; Tsai, Tsung-Yuan; Li, Pingyue (2023). Significant race and gender differences in anterior cruciate ligament tibial footprint location: a 3D-based analysis. Journal of Orthopaedics and Traumatology, 24(1):33.

Marhofer, Peter; Eichenberger, Urs (2023). Augmented reality in ultrasound-guided regional anaesthesia: useful tool or expensive toy? British Journal of Anaesthesia, 131(3):442-445.

Götschi, Tobias; Hodel, Sandro; Kühne, Nathalie; Bachmann, Elias; Li, Xiang; Zimmermann, Stefan M; Snedeker, Jess G; Fucentese, Sandro F (2023). Osteoconductive Scaffold Placed at the Femoral Tunnel Aperture in Hamstring Tendon ACL Reconstruction: A Randomized Controlled Trial. Orthopaedic Journal of Sports Medicine, 11(6):23259671231174478.

Burkhard, Marco D; Calek, Anna-Katharina; Fasser, Marie-Rosa; Cornaz, Frédéric; Widmer, Jonas; Spirig, José Miguel; Wanivenhaus, Florian; Farshad, Mazda (2023). Biomechanics after spinal decompression and posterior instrumentation. European Spine Journal, 32(6):1876-1886.

Gasser, Benedikt; Frey, Walter O; Valdivieso, Paola; Scherr, Johannes; Spörri, Jörg; Flück, Martin (2023). Association of Gene Variants with Seasonal Variation in Muscle Strength and Aerobic Capacity in Elite Skiers. Genes, 14(6):1165.

Pomella, Silvia; Danielli, Sara G; Alaggio, Rita; Breunis, Willemijn B; Hamed, Ebrahem; Selfe, Joanna; Wachtel, Marco; Walters, Zoe S; Schäfer, Beat W; Rota, Rossella; Shipley, Janet M; Hettmer, Simone (2023). Genomic and Epigenetic Changes Drive Aberrant Skeletal Muscle Differentiation in Rhabdomyosarcoma. Cancers, 15(10):2823.

Olearo, Flaminia; Zanichelli, Veronica; Exarchakou, Aimilia; Both, Anna; Uςkay, Ilker; Aepfelbacher, Martin; Rohde, Holger (2023). The Impact of Antimicrobial Therapy Duration in the Treatment of Prosthetic Joint Infections Depending on Surgical Strategies: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis. Open Forum Infectious Diseases, 10(5):ofad246.

Hinse, Stephanie; Pastor, Torsten; Hasler, Anita; Ernstbrunner, Lukas; Wieser, Karl; Gerber, Christian (2023). Mid- to long-term clinical and radiological results of anatomic total shoulder arthroplasty in patients with B2 glenoids. JSES International, 7(3):464-471.

Farshad, Mazda; Tsagkaris, Christos; Widmer, Jonas; Fasser, Marie-Rosa; Cornaz, Frédéric; Calek, Anna-Katharina (2023). Vertebropexy as a semi-rigid ligamentous alternative to lumbar spinal fusion. European Spine Journal, 32(5):1695-1703.

Karczewski, Daniel; Andronic, Octavian; Akgün, Doruk; Adelhoefer, Siegfried; Kriechling, Philipp; Bäcker, Henrik (2023). No clinical consequence of liner malseating in dual-mobility THAs at short term: a systematic review. Archives of Orthopaedic and Trauma Surgery, 143(10):6453-6459.

Lalji, Rahim; Hofstetter, Léonie; Kongsted, Alice; von Wyl, Viktor; Puhan, Milo A; Hincapié, Cesar A (2023). The Swiss chiropractic practice-based research network: a population-based cross-sectional study to inform future musculoskeletal research. Scientific Reports, 13(1):5655.

Furrer, Pascal Raffael; Kabelitz, Method; Schweizer, Andreas (2023). Quantification of Malalignment and Corrective Osteotomies in Patients With Malunion After Elastic Stable Intramedullary Nailing of Pediatric Forearm Fractures. Journal of hand surgery global online, 5(3):332-337.

Chianca, Vito; Sutter, Reto; Del Grande, Filippo (2023). Erratum: Imaging of Anatomical Variants Around the Elbow. Seminars in Musculoskeletal Radiology, 27(2):e1.

Chianca, Vito; Sutter, Reto; Del Grande, Filippo (2023). Imaging of Anatomical Variants Around the Elbow. Seminars in Musculoskeletal Radiology, 27(2):163-168.

Schöni, Madlaina; Waibel, Felix (2023). Technische Orthopädie – Chronische Wunden im Bereich der diabetischen Füsse. Praxis, 112(5-6):317-323.

Altmann, Dominique; Waibel, Felix W A; Forgo, Gabor; Grigorean, Alexandru; Lipsky, Benjamin A; Uçkay, Ilker; Schöni, Madlaina (2023). Timing of Revascularization and Parenteral Antibiotic Treatment Associated with Therapeutic Failures in Ischemic Diabetic Foot Infections. Antibiotics, 12(4):685.

Müller, Anne; He, Jiazhuo (2023). A Double Whammy on Gastric Cancer Risk. New England Journal of Medicine, 388(13):1225-1229.

Andrs, Martin; Stoy, Henriette; Boleslavska, Barbora; Chappidi, Nagaraja; Kanagaraj, Radhakrishnan; Nascakova, Zuzana; Menon, Shruti; Rao, Satyajeet; Oravetzova, Anna; Dobrovolna, Jana; Surendranath, Kalpana; Lopes, Massimo; Janscak, Pavel (2023). Excessive reactive oxygen species induce transcription-dependent replication stress. Nature Communications, 14(1):1791.

Han, Zhe; Andrs, Martin; Madhavan, Bindhu K; Kaymak, Serap; Sulaj, Alba; Kender, Zoltan; Kopf, Stefan; Kihm, Lars; Pepperkok, Rainer; Janscak, Pavel; Nawroth, Peter; Kumar, Varun (2023). The importance of nuclear RAGE-Mcm2 axis in diabetes or cancer-associated replication stress. Nucleic Acids Research, 51(5):2298-2318.

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Hanimann, Jonas; Ellenberger, Lynn; Bernhard, Thomas; Franchi, Martino V; Roth, Ralf; Faude, Oliver; Spörri, Jörg (2023). More than just a side effect: Dynamic knee valgus and deadbug bridging performance in youth soccer players and alpine skiers have similar absolute values and asymmetry magnitudes but differ in terms of the direction of laterality. Frontiers in Physiology, 14:1129351.

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Danielli, Sara G; Porpiglia, Ermelinda; De Micheli, Andrea J; Navarro, Natalia; Zellinger, Michael J; Bechtold, Ingrid; Kisele, Samanta; Volken, Larissa; Marques, Joana G; Kasper, Stephanie; Bode, Peter K; Henssen, Anton G; Gürgen, Dennis; Delattre, Olivier; Surdez, Didier; Roma, Josep; Bühlmann, Peter; Blau, Helen M; Wachtel, Marco; Schäfer, Beat W (2023). Single-cell profiling of alveolar rhabdomyosarcoma reveals RAS pathway inhibitors as cell-fate hijackers with therapeutic relevance. Science Advances, 9(6):eade9238.

Grisch, Domenic; Stäuble, Manuela; Baumgartner, Sandra; van Hedel, Hubertus J A; Meyer-Heim, Andreas; Dreher, Thomas; Krautwurst, Britta (2023). The Variable Influence of Orthotic Management on Hip and Pelvic Rotation in Children with Unilateral Neurogenic Equinus Deformity. Children, 10(2):307.

Uçkay, Ilker; Lebowitz, Dan; Kressmann, Benjamin; Lipsky, Benjamin A; Gariani, Karim (2023). Influence of Skin Commensals on Therapeutic Outcomes of Surgically Debrided Diabetic Foot Infections-A Large Retrospective Comparative Study. Antibiotics, 12(2):316.

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