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Akhoundova, Dilara; Hiltbrunner, Stefanie; Mader, Cäcilia; Förster, Robert; Kraft, Johannes; Schwanhäusser, Bianca; Bankel, Lorenz; Kollias, Spyros; Treyer, Valerie; Rushing, Elisabeth Jane; Lee, Seok-Yun; Andratschke, Nicolaus; Hüllner, Martin; Curioni-Fontecedro, Alessandra (2020). 18F-FET PET for Diagnosis of Pseudoprogression of Brain Metastases in Patients With Non–Small Cell Lung Cancer. Clinical Nuclear Medicine, 45(2):113-117.

Doerschner, Miriam; Pekar-Lukacs, Agnes; Messerli-Odermatt, Olivia; Dommann-Scherrer, Corina; Rütti, Markus; Müller, Antonia M; Nair, Gayathri; Kamarachev, Jivko; Kerl, Katrin; Beer, Marc; Messerli, Michael; Frauenknecht, Katrin; Haralambieva, Eugenia; Hoetzenecker, Wolfram; French, Lars E; Guenova, Emmanuella (2019). Interferon alfa-2a maintenance after salvage autologous stem cell transplantation in atypical mycosis fungoides with central nervous system involvement. British Journal of Dermatology, 181(6):1296-1302.

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Küffer, Alexander Friedrich. The Role of Axonal Prion Protein in Myelin Maintenance. 2019, University of Zurich, Faculty of Science.

Sievers, Philipp; Chiang, Jason; Schrimpf, Daniel; Stichel, Damian; Paramasivam, Nagarajan; Sill, Martin; et al; Rushing, Elisabeth (2019). YAP1-fusions in pediatric NF2-wildtype meningioma. Acta Neuropathologica, 139(1):215-218.

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Kwart, Dylan; Gregg, Andrew; Scheckel, Claudia; Murphy, Elisabeth A; Paquet, Dominik; Duffield, Michael; Fak, John; Olsen, Olav; Darnell, Robert B; Tessier-Lavigne, Marc (2019). A Large Panel of Isogenic APP and PSEN1 Mutant Human iPSC Neurons Reveals Shared Endosomal Abnormalities Mediated by APP β-CTFs, Not Aβ. Neuron, 104(2):256-270.e5.

Luh, Clara; Feiler, Sergej; Frauenknecht, Katrin; Meyer, Simon; Lubomirov, Lubomir T; Neulen, Axel; Thal, Serge C (2019). The Contractile Apparatus Is Essential for the Integrity of the Blood-Brain Barrier After Experimental Subarachnoid Hemorrhage. Translational Stroke Research, 10(5):534-545.

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Guerreiro Stucklin, Ana S; Ryall, Scott; Fukuoka, Kohei; Zapotocky, Michal; Lassaletta, Alvaro; et al; Grotzer, Michael A; Rushing, Elisabeth J; Grotzer, Michael; Etalo, Desalegn W (2019). Alterations in ALK/ROS1/NTRK/MET drive a group of infantile hemispheric gliomas. Nature Communications, 10(1):4343.

Liu, Yingjun; Aguzzi, Adriano (2019). NG2 glia are required for maintaining microglia homeostatic state. Glia:glia.23721.

Hornemann, Simone; Schwarz, Petra; Rushing, Elisabeth J; Connolly, Michael D; Zuckermann, Ronald N; Yam, Alice Y; Aguzzi, Adriano (2019). Enhanced detection of prion infectivity from blood by preanalytical enrichment with peptoid-conjugated beads. PLoS ONE, 14(9):e0216013.

Lacour, Max; Hiltbrunner, Stefanie; Lee, Seok-Yun; Soltermann, Alex; Rushing, Elisabeth Jane; Soldini, Davide; Weder, Walter; Curioni-Fontecedro, Alessandra (2019). Adjuvant Chemotherapy Increases Programmed Death-Ligand 1 (PD-L1) Expression in Non-small Cell Lung Cancer Recurrence. Clinical Lung Cancer, 20(5):391-396.

O'Connor, Tracy; Zhou, Xiaolan; Kosla, Jan; et al; Seleznik, Gitta; Bremer, Juliane; Bleul, Sabine; Weber, Achim; Aguzzi, A (2019). Age-Related Gliosis Promotes Central Nervous System Lymphoma through CCL19-Mediated Tumor Cell Retention. Cancer Cell, 36(3):250-267.e9.

Sievers, Philipp; Appay, Romain; Schrimpf, Daniel; et al; Rushing, Elisabeth (2019). Rosette-forming glioneuronal tumors share a distinct DNA methylation profile and mutations in FGFR1, with recurrent co-mutation of PIK3CA and NF1. Acta Neuropathologica, 138(3):497-504.

Velz, Julia; Bellut, David; Krayenbühl, Niklaus; Winklhofer, Sebastian; Rushing, Elisabeth; Frauenknecht, Katrin (2019). 69-year-old male with an intradural, extramedullary mass at T12-L1. Brain Pathology, 29(5):693-694.

Johnson, Douglas B; McDonnell, Wyatt J; Gonzalez-Ericsson, Paula I; et al; Goldinger, Simone M; Rushing, Elisabeth J (2019). A case report of clonal EBV-like memory CD4+ T cell activation in fatal checkpoint inhibitor-induced encephalitis. Nature Medicine, 25(8):1243-1250.

Haider, Ahmed; Herde, Adrienne Müller; Krämer, Stefanie D; Varisco, Jasmine; Keller, Claudia; Frauenknecht, Katrin; Auberson, Yves P; Temme, Louisa; Robaa, Dina; Sippl, Wolfgang; Schibli, Roger; Wünsch, Bernhard; Mu, Linjing; Ametamey, Simon M (2019). Preclinical Evaluation of Benzazepine-Based PET Radioligands (R)- and (S)-11C-Me-NB1 Reveals Distinct Enantiomeric Binding Patterns and a Tightrope Walk Between GluN2B- and σ1-Receptor–Targeted PET Imaging. Journal of Nuclear Medicine, 60(8):1167-1173.

Siberchicot, Capucine; Gault, Nathalie; Déchamps, Nathalie; Barroca, Vilma; Aguzzi, Adriano; Roméo, Paul-Henri; Radicella, J Pablo; Bravard, Anne; Bernardino-Sgherri, Jacqueline (2019). Prion protein deficiency impairs hematopoietic stem cells determination and sensitizes myeloid progenitors to irradiation. Haematologica:Epub ahead of print.

D'Agati, Gianluca; Cabello, Elena María; Frontzek, Karl; Rushing, Elisabeth J; Klemm, Robin; Robinson, Mark D; White, Richard M; Mosimann, Christian; Burger, Alexa (2019). Active receptor tyrosine kinases, but not Brachyury, are sufficient to trigger chordoma in zebrafish. Disease Models & Mechanisms, 12(7):dmm039545.

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Pease, Daniel; Scheckel, Claudia; Schaper, Elke; Eckhardt, Valeria; Emmenegger, Marc; Xenarios, Ioannis; Aguzzi, Adriano (2019). Genome-Wide Identification of microRNAs Regulating the Human Prion Protein. Brain Pathology, 29(2):232-244.

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Losa, Marco; Carta, Manfredi C; Frontzek, Karl; Krayenbühl, Niklaus; Wichmann, Werner; Rushing, Elisabeth J (2019). An Infratentorial Tumor in a 44-Year-Old Female Patient. Brain Pathology, 29(1):145-146.

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Kirschenbaum, Daniel; Woernle, Christoph; Haralambieva, Eugenia; Marques Maggio, Ewerton; Bernays, René; Camenisch, Ulrike; Rushing, Elisabeth J (2018). A 72-year old female with multiple supra- and infratentorial dural masses. Brain Pathology, 28(6):1023-1024.

Kröller-Schön, Swenja; Daiber, Andreas; Steven, Sebastian; Oelze, Matthias; Frenis, Katie; Kalinovic, Sanela; Heimann, Axel; Schmidt, Frank P; Pinto, Antonio; Kvandova, Miroslava; Vujacic-Mirski, Ksenija; Filippou, Konstantina; Dudek, Markus; Bosmann, Markus; Klein, Matthias; Bopp, Tobias; Hahad, Omar; Wild, Philipp S; Frauenknecht, Katrin; Methner, Axel; Schmidt, Erwin R; Rapp, Steffen; Mollnau, Hanke; Münzel, Thomas (2018). Crucial role for Nox2 and sleep deprivation in aircraft noise-induced vascular and cerebral oxidative stress, inflammation, and gene regulation. European Heart Journal, 39(38):3528-3539.

Bardelli, Marco; Frontzek, Karl; Simonelli, Luca; Hornemann, Simone; Pedotti, Mattia; Mazzola, Federica; Carta, Manfredi; Eckhardt, Valeria; D’Antuono, Rocco; Virgilio, Tommaso; González, Santiago F; Aguzzi, Adriano; Varani, Luca (2018). A bispecific immunotweezer prevents soluble PrP oligomers and abolishes prion toxicity. PLoS Pathogens, 14(10):e1007335.

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