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Eisenhofer, Graeme; Peitzsch, Mirko; Kaden, Denise; Langton, Katharina; Mangelis, Anastasios; Pamporaki, Christina; Masjkur, Jimmy; Geroula, Aikaterini; Kurlbaum, Max; Deutschbein, Timo; Beuschlein, Felix; Prejbisz, Aleksander; Bornstein, Stefan R; Lenders, Jacques W M (2019). Reference intervals for LC-MS/MS measurements of plasma free, urinary free and urinary acid-hydrolyzed deconjugated normetanephrine, metanephrine and methoxytyramine. Clinica Chimica Acta, 490:46-54.

Capristo, E; Panunzi, S; De Gaetano, A; Spuntarelli, V; Bellantone, R; Giustacchini, P; Birkenfeld, A L; Amiel, S; Bornstein, S R; Raffaelli, M; Mingrone, G (2019). Response to letter: Incidence of Hypoglycemia After Gastric Bypass vs Sleeve Gastrectomy: A Randomized Trial. Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism, 104(3):732-733.

Schmid, Christoph; Ghirlanda, Claudia; Zwimpfer, Cornelia; Tschopp, Oliver; Zuellig, Richard A; Niessen, Markus (2019). Cystatin C in adipose tissue and stimulation of its production by growth hormone and triiodothyronine in 3T3-L1 cells. Molecular and Cellular Endocrinology, 482:28-36.

An, Yaxin; Reimann, Manja; Masjkur, Jimmy; Langton, Katharina; Peitzsch, Mirko; Deutschbein, Timo; Fassnacht, Martin; Rogowski-Lehmann, Natalie; Beuschlein, Felix; Fliedner, Stephanie; Stell, Anthony; Prejbisz, Aleksander; Januszewicz, Andrzej; Lenders, Jacques; Bornstein, Stefan R; Eisenhofer, Graeme (2019). Adrenomedullary function, obesity and permissive influences of catecholamines on body mass in patients with chromaffin cell tumours. International Journal of Obesity, 43(2):263-275.

Canu, Letizia; Van Hemert, Janna A W; Kerstens, Michiel; et al; Spyroglou, Ariadni; Beuschlein, Felix (2019). CT characteristics of pheochromocytoma - Relevance for the evaluation of adrenal incidentaloma. Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism, 104(2):312-318.

Swierczynska, Marta M; Betz, Matthias J; Colombi, Marco; Dazert, Eva; Jenö, Paul; Moes, Suzette; Pfaff, Cécile; Glatz, Katharina; Reincke, Martin; Beuschlein, Felix; Donath, Marc Y; Hall, Michael N (2019). Proteomic Landscape of Aldosterone-Producing Adenoma. Hypertension, 73(2):469-480.

Xekouki, Paraskevi; Lodge, Emily Jane; Matschke, Jakob; Santambrogio, Alice; Apps, John R; Sharif, Ariane; Jacques, Thomas S; Aylwin, Simon; Prevot, Vincent; Li, Ran; Flitsch, Jörg; Bornstein, Stefan R; Theodoropoulou, Marily; Andoniadou, Cynthia (2019). Non-secreting pituitary tumours characterised by enhanced expression of YAP/TAZ. Endocrine-Related Cancer, 26(1):215-225.

Bornstein, S R; Steenblock, C; Chrousos, G P; Schally, A V; Beuschlein, F; et al (2019). Stress-inducible-stem cells: a new view on endocrine, metabolic and mental disease? Molecular Psychiatry, 24(1):2-9.

Tonnus, Wulf; Gembardt, Florian; Latk, Markus; Parmentier, Simon; Hugo, Christian; Bornstein, Stefan R; Linkermann, Andreas (2019). The clinical relevance of necroinflammation-highlighting the importance of acute kidney injury and the adrenal glands. Cell Death and Differentiation, 26(1):68-82.

Pilpel, Yair; Pines, Guy; Birkenfeld, Andreas; Bornstein, Stefan R; Miller, Rafael (2019). Metabolic Syndrome is a Risk Factor for Post-Operative Adhesions: Need for Novel Treatment Strategies. Hormone and metabolic research = Hormon- und Stoffwechselforschung = Hormones et métabolisme, 51(1):35-41.

Barthel, Andreas; Benker, Georg; Berens, Kai; Diederich, Sven; Manfras, Burkhard; Gruber, Matthias; Kanczkowski, Waldemar; Kline, Greg; Kamvissi-Lorenz, Virginia; Hahner, Stefanie; Beuschlein, Felix; Brennand, Ana; Boehm, Bernhard O; Torpy, David J; Bornstein, Stefan R (2018). An Update on Addison's Disease. Experimental and Clinical Endocrinology & Diabetes:Epub ahead of print.

Steenblock, Charlotte; Rubin de Celis, Maria F; Delgadillo Silva, Luis F; Pawolski, Verena; Brennand, Ana; Werdermann, Martin; Berger, Ilona; Santambrogio, Alice; Peitzsch, Mirko; Andoniadou, Cynthia L; Schally, Andrew V; Bornstein, Stefan R (2018). Isolation and characterization of adrenocortical progenitors involved in the adaptation to stress. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 115(51):12997-13002.

Adolf, Christian; Köhler, Anton; Franke, Anna; Lang, Katharina; Riester, Anna; Löw, Anja; Heinrich, Daniel A; Bidlingmaier, Martin; Treitl, Marcus; Ladurner, Roland; Beuschlein, Felix; Arlt, Wiebke; Reincke, Martin (2018). Cortisol excess in patients with primary aldosteronism impacts on left ventricular hypertrophy. Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism, 103(12):4543-4552.

Pamporaki, Christina; Prejbisz, Aleksander; Małecki, Robert; Pistrosch, Frank; Peitzsch, Mirko; Bishoff, Steffen; Mueller, Petra; Meyer, Iris; Reimann, Doreen; Hanus, Katarzyna; Januszewicz, Andrzej; Bornstein, Stefan R; Parmentier, Simon; Kunath, Carola; Lenders, Jacques W M; Eisenhofer, Graeme; Passauer, Jens (2018). Optimized Reference Intervals for Plasma Free Metanephrines in Patients With CKD. American Journal of Kidney Diseases, 72(6):907-909.

Calsina, Bruna; Currás-Freixes, Maria; Buffet, Alexandre; et al; Beuschlein, Felix (2018). Role of MDH2 pathogenic variant in pheochromocytoma and paraganglioma patients. Genetics in Medicine, 20(12):1652-1662.

von Loeffelholz, Christian; Gissey, Lidia Castagneto; Schumann, Tina; Henke, Christine; Kurzbach, Anica; Struck, Joachim; Bergmann, Andreas; Hanefeld, Markolf; Schatz, Ulrike; Bornstein, Stefan R; Casella, Giovanni; Mingrone, Geltrude; Birkenfeld, Andreas L (2018). The anorexigenic peptide neurotensin relates to insulin sensitivity in obese patients after BPD or RYGB metabolic surgery. International Journal of Obesity, 42(12):2057-2061.

Lenders, Malte; Neußer, Leon Paul; Rudnicki, Michael; Nordbeck, Peter; Canaan-Kühl, Sima; Nowak, Albina; Cybulla, Markus; Schmitz, Boris; Lukas, Jan; Wanner, Christoph; Brand, Stefan-Martin; Brand, Eva (2018). Dose-Dependent Effect of Enzyme Replacement Therapy on Neutralizing Antidrug Antibody Titers and Clinical Outcome in Patients with Fabry Disease. Journal of the American Society of Nephrology (JASN), 29(12):2879-2889.

Mathieu, Svea-Vivica; Fischer, Karina; Dawson-Hughes, Bess; Freystaetter, Gregor; Beuschlein, Felix; Schietzel, Simeon; Egli, Andreas; Bischoff-Ferrari, Heike A (2018). Association between 25-Hydroxyvitamin D Status and Components of Body Composition and Glucose Metabolism in Older Men and Women. Nutrients, 10(12):1826.

Kroiss, Matthias; Deutschbein, Timo; Schlötelburg, Wiebke; Ronchi, Cristina Lucia; Hescot, Ségolène; Körbl, Daniela; Megerle, Felix; Beuschlein, Felix; Neu, Bruno; Quinkler, Marcus; Baudin, Eric; Hahner, Stefanie; Heidemeier, Anke; Fassnacht, Martin (2018). Treatment of Refractory Adrenocortical Carcinoma with Thalidomide: Analysis of 27 Patients from the European Network for the Study of Adrenal Tumours Registry. Experimental and Clinical Endocrinology & Diabetes:Epub ahead of print.

Ullmann, E; Licinio, J; Perry, S W; White, L O; Klein, A M; Barthel, A; Petrowski, K; Stalder, T; Oratovski, B; von Klitzing, K; Bornstein, S R; Kirschbaum, C (2018). Inherited anxiety-related parent-infant dyads alter LHPA activity. Stress:Epub ahead of print.

Goldhahn, Jörg; Rampton, Vanessa; Spinas, Giatgen A (2018). Could artificial intelligence make doctors obsolete? BMJ : British medical journal, 363:k4563.

Eisenhofer, Graeme; Prejbisz, Aleksander; Peitzsch, Mirko; Pamporaki, Christina; Masjkur, Jimmy; Rogowski-Lehmann, Natalie; Langton, Katharina; Tsourdi, Elena; Pęczkowska, Mariola; Fliedner, Stephanie; Deutschbein, Timo; Megerle, Felix; Timmers, Henri J L M; Sinnott, Richard; Beuschlein, Felix; Fassnacht, Martin; Januszewicz, Andrzej; Lenders, Jacques W M (2018). Biochemical Diagnosis of Chromaffin Cell Tumors in Patients at High and Low Risk of Disease: Plasma versus Urinary Free or Deconjugated -Methylated Catecholamine Metabolites. Clinical Chemistry, 64(11):1646-1656.

Rogowski-Lehmann, Natalie; Geroula, Aikaterini; Prejbisz, Aleksander; et al; Beuschlein, Felix (2018). Missed clinical clues in patients with pheochromocytoma/paraganglioma discovered by imaging. Endocrine Connections, 7(11):1168-1177.

Serra, Carlo; Staartjes, Victor E; Maldaner, Nicolai; Muscas, Giovanni; Akeret, Kevin; Holzmann, David; Soyka, Michael B; Schmid, Christoph; Regli, Luca (2018). Predicting extent of resection in transsphenoidal surgery for pituitary adenoma. Acta Neurochirurgica, 160(11):2255-2262.

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Tamò, Raphaël; Hochuli, Michel; Beuschlein, Felix; Nowak, Albina (2018). Morbus Gaucher – ein Überblick über eine Sphingolipidose. Therapeutische Umschau. Revue thérapeutique, 75(4):209-214.

Lechner, B; Heinrich, D; Nölting, S; Osswald-Kopp, A; Rubinstein, G; Sauerbeck, J; Beuschlein, F; Reincke, M (2018). Update endokrine Hypertonie. Der Internist, 59(11):1163-1179.

Ullrich, Martin; Liers, Josephine; Peitzsch, Mirko; Feldmann, Anja; Bergmann, Ralf; Sommer, Ulrich; Richter, Susan; Bornstein, Stefan R; Bachmann, Michael; Eisenhofer, Graeme; Ziegler, Christian G; Pietzsch, Jens (2018). Strain-specific metastatic phenotypes in pheochromocytoma allograft mice. Endocrine-Related Cancer, 25(12):993-1004.

Nowak, Albina; Giger, Rebekka S; Krayenbuehl, Pierre-Alexandre (2018). Higher age at diagnosis of hemochromatosis is the strongest predictor of the occurrence of hepatocellular carcinoma in the Swiss hemochromatosis cohort: A prospective longitudinal observational study. Medicine, 97(42):e12886.

Hornemann, Thorsten; Alecu, Irina; Hagenbuch, Niels; Zhakupova, Assem; Cremonesi, Alessio; Gautschi, Matthias; Jung, Hans H; Meienberg, Fabian; Bilz, Stefan; Christ, Emanuel; Baumgartner, Matthias R; Hochuli, Michel (2018). Disturbed sphingolipid metabolism with elevated 1-deoxysphingolipids in glycogen storage disease type I – A link to metabolic control. Molecular Genetics and Metabolism, 125(1/2):73-78.

Kölling, Malte; Seeger, Harald; Haddad, George; Kistler, Andreas; Nowak, Albina; Faulhaber-Walter, Robert; Kielstein, Jan; Haller, Hermann; Fliser, Danilo; Mueller, Thomas; Wüthrich, Rudolf P; Lorenzen, Johan M (2018). The Circular RNA Predicts Survival in Critically Ill Patients With Acute Kidney Injury. Kidney International Reports, 3(5):1144-1152.

Schreiner, Florentine; Anand, Gurpreet; Beuschlein, Felix (2018). Perioperative Management of Endocrine Active Adrenal Tumors. Experimental and Clinical Endocrinology & Diabetes:Epub ahead of print.

Richter, Susan; Gieldon, Laura; Pang, Ying; Peitzsch, Mirko; Huynh, Thanh; Leton, Rocio; Viana, Bruna; Ercolino, Tonino; Mangelis, Anastasios; Rapizzi, Elena; Menschikowski, Mario; Aust, Daniela; Kroiss, Matthias; Beuschlein, Felix; Gudziol, Volker; Timmers, Henri Jlm; Lenders, Jacques; Mannelli, Massimo; Cascon, Alberto; Pacak, Karel; Robledo, Mercedes; Eisenhofer, Graeme; Klink, Barbara (2018). Metabolome-guided genomics to identify pathogenic variants in isocitrate dehydrogenase, fumarate hydratase, and succinate dehydrogenase genes in pheochromocytoma and paraganglioma. Genetics in Medicine:Epub ahead of print.

Meyer, Lucie S; Wang, Xiao; Sušnik, Eva; Burrello, Jacopo; Burrello, Alessio; Castellano, Isabella; Eisenhofer, Graeme; Fallo, Francesco; Kline, Gregory A; Knösel, Thomas; Kocjan, Tomaz; Lenders, Jacques W M; Mulatero, Paolo; Naruse, Mitsuhide; Nishikawa, Tetsuo; Peitzsch, Mirko; Rump, Lars C; Beuschlein, Felix; Hahner, Stefanie; Gomez-Sanchez, Celso E; Reincke, Martin; Williams, Tracy Ann (2018). Immunohistopathology and Steroid Profiles Associated With Biochemical Outcomes After Adrenalectomy for Unilateral Primary Aldosteronism. Hypertension, 72(3):650-657.

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Williams, Tracy A; Burrello, Jacopo; Sechi, Leonardo A; Fardella, Carlos E; Matrozova, Joanna; et al (2018). Computed Tomography and Adrenal Venous Sampling in the Diagnosis of Unilateral Primary Aldosteronism. Hypertension, 72(3):641-649.

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Maldaner, Nicolai; Serra, Carlo; Tschopp, Oliver; Schmid, Christoph; Bozinov, Oliver; Regli, Luca (2018). Modernes Management von Hypophysenadenomen – gegenwärtiger Stand in Diagnostik, Therapie und Nachsorge. Praxis, 107(15):825-835.

Aristizabal Prada, Elke Tatjana; Spoettl, Gerald; Maurer, Julian; Lauseker, Michael; Koziolek, Eva; Schrader, Jörg; Grossman, Ashley B; Pacak, Karel; Beuschlein, Felix; Auernhammer, Christoph J; Nölting, Svenja (2018). The role of GSK3 and its reversal with GSK3 antagonism in everolimus resistance. Endocrine-Related Cancer, 25(10):893-908.

Osswald, Andrea; Deutschbein, Timo; Berr, Christina Maria; Plomer, Eva; Mickisch, Anne; Ritzel, Katrin; Schopohl, Jochen; Beuschlein, Felix; Fassnacht, Martin; Hahner, Stefanie; Reincke, Martin (2018). Surviving ectopic Cushing's syndrome: Quality of life, cardiovascular and metabolic outcomes in comparison to Cushing's disease during long-term follow-up. European Journal of Endocrinology, 179(2):109-116.

Capristo, Esmeralda; Panunzi, Simona; De Gaetano, Andrea; Spuntarelli, Valerio; Bellantone, Rocco; Giustacchini, Piero; Birkenfeld, Andreas L; Amiel, Stephanie; Bornstein, Stefan R; Raffaelli, Marco; Mingrone, Geltrude (2018). Incidence of Hypoglycemia After Gastric Bypass vs Sleeve Gastrectomy: A Randomized Trial. Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism, 103(6):2136-2146.

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Alharbi, Abdullah A; Alshehri, Fahad M; Albatly, Abdulrahman A; Sah, Bert-Ram; Schmid, Christoph; Huber, Gerhard F; Huellner, Martin W (2018). [F]Fluorocholine uptake of parathyroid adenoma is correlated with parathyroid hormone level. Molecular Imaging and Biology, 20(5):857-867.

Oshima, Masaya; Knoch, Klaus-Peter; Diedisheim, Marc; Petzold, Antje; Cattan, Pierre; Bugliani, Marco; Marchetti, Piero; Choudhary, Pratik; Huang, Guo-Cai; Bornstein, Stefan R; Solimena, Michele; Albagli-Curiel, Olivier; Scharfmann, Raphael (2018). Virus-like infection induces human β cell dedifferentiation. Journal of clinical investigation insight, 3(3):e97732.

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