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Budtz-Lilly, Jacob; D’Oria, Mario; Gallitto, Enrico; Bertoglio, Luca; et al; Dueppers, Philip; Zimmermann, Alexander (2023). European Multicentric Experience with Fenestrated-Branched ENDOvascular Stent-grafting after Previous FAILed Infrarenal Aortic Repair: the EU-FBENDO-FAIL Registry. Annals of Surgery, Publish :Epub ahed of print.

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Menges, Anna-Leonie; Stoklasa, Kerstin; Meuli, Lorenz; Reutersberg, Benedikt; Zimmermann, Alexander (2022). Chronische mesenteriale Ischämie. Gefässchirurgie, 27(6):435-443.

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Reutersberg, Benedikt; Düppers, Philip; Menges, Anna-Leonie; Schrimpf, Claudia; Zimmermann, Alexander; Pelisek, Jaroslav (2022). Alterungsbedingte Gefäßveränderungen am Beispiel der Arteria carotis. Gefässchirurgie, 27(4):231-238.

Meuli, Lorenz; Menges, Anna-Leonie; Steigmiller, Klaus; Kuehnl, Andreas; Reutersberg, Benedikt; Held, Ulrike; Zimmermann, Alexander (2022). Hospital incidence and mortality of patients treated for abdominal aortic aneurysms in Switzerland - a secondary analysis of Swiss DRG statistics data. Swiss Medical Weekly, 152:w30191.

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Parker, Louis P; Reutersberg, Benedikt; Syed, Maaz B J; Munshi, Bijit; Richards, Samantha; Kelsey, Lachlan J; Sakalihasan, Natzi; Eckstein, Hans-Henning; Norman, Paul E; Doyle, Barry J (2022). Proximal false lumen thrombosis is associated with low false lumen pressure and fewer complications in type B aortic dissection. Journal of Vascular Surgery, 75(4):1181-1190.e5.

Zimmermann, Alexander; Menges, Anna-Leonie; Rancic, Zoran; Meuli, Lorenz; Dueppers, Philip; Reutersberg, Benedikt (2022). E-nside Off-the-Shelf Inner Branch Stent Graft: Technical Aspects of Planning and Implantation. Journal of Endovascular Therapy, 29(2):167-174.

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Menges, Anna-Leonie; Meuli, Lorenz; Dueppers, Philip; Stoklasa, Kerstin; Kopp, Reinhard; Reutersberg, Benedikt; Zimmermann, Alexander (2022). Relevance of Type II Endoleak After Endovascular Repair of Ruptured Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms: A Retrospective Single-Center Cohort Study. Journal of Endovascular Therapy:Epub ahead of print.

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Dueppers, Philip; Prêtre, René; Hofmann, Michael; Bettex, Dominique; Huber, Florian A; Zimmermann, Alexander (2022). Complex Multi-Stage Total Aortic and Subclavian Artery Replacement in a 9-year old boy with Loeys-Dietz-Syndrome. Annals of Vascular Surgery, 80:396.e1-396.e6.

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Reutersberg, Benedikt; Pelisek, Jaroslav; Ouda, Ahmed; de Rougemont, Olivier; Rössler, Fabian; Zimmermann, Alexander (2022). Baroreceptors in the Aortic Arch and Their Potential Role in Aortic Dissection and Aneurysms. Journal of clinical medicine, 11(5):1161.

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Puiu, Paul-Cătălin; Pingpoh, Clarence; Siepe, Matthias (2022). Our 11-year experience with axillary artery cannulation in proximal thoracic aortic surgery. Annals of Thoracic Surgery, 113(2):698-699.

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Rychla, Miriam. Influence of measurement and sizing techniques in thoracic endovascular aortic repair on outcome in acute complicated type B aortic dissections. 2022, University of Zurich, Faculty of Medicine.

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Pietsch, Urs; Berger, Yoël; Schurter, David; Theiler, Lorenz; Wenzel, Volker; Meuli, Lorenz; Grünenfelder, Andreas; Albrecht, Roland (2021). Nasal nalbuphine analgesia in prehospital trauma managed by first-responder personnel on ski slopes in Switzerland: an observational cohort study. Scandinavian Journal of Trauma, Resuscitation and Emergency Medicine, 29:36.

Sieber, Sabine; Stoklasa, Kerstin; Reutersberg, Benedikt; Stadlbauer, Thomas; Salvermoser, Michael; Lang, Thomas; Busch, Albert; Eckstein, Hans-Henning (2021). Acute abdominal aortic occlusion: A 16-year single-center experience. Journal of Vascular Surgery, 74(6):1894-1903.e3.

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