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Isasi-Isasmendi, Arrate; Sauppe, Sebastian; Andrews, Caroline; Laka, Itziar; Meyer, Martin; Bickel, Balthasar (2024). Incremental sentence processing is guided by a preference for agents: EEG evidence from Basque. Language, Cognition and Neuroscience, 39(1):76-97.

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Uluslu, Ahmet; Schneider, Gerold (2023). Exploring Hybrid Linguistic Features for Turkish Text Readability. In: 6th International Conference on Natural Language and Speech Processing (ICNLSP-2023), virtual, 16 December 2023 - 17 December 2023, 223-232.

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Ronan, Patricia; Schneider, Gerold (2023). “To boldly go where no man has gone before”: how iconic is the Star Trek split infinitive? Linguistics Vanguard, 9(s3):247-255.

Spitale, Giovanni; Schneider, Gerold; Germani, Federico; Biller-Andorno, Nikola (2023). Exploring the role of AI in classifying, analyzing, and generating case reports on assisted suicide cases: feasibility and ethical implications. Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence, 6:1328865.

Schneider, Gerold; Reveilhac, Maud (2023). Colloquialisation, compression and democratisation in British parliamentary debates. In: Korhonen, Minna; Kotze, Haidee; Tyrkkö, Jukka. Exploring Language and Society with Big Data: Parliamentary discourse across time and space. Amsterdam: John Benjamins Publishing, 336-372.

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Sedlakova, Jana; Daniore, Paola; Horn Wintsch, Andrea; Wolf, Markus; Stanikić, Mina; Haag, Christina; Sieber, Chloé; Schneider, Gerold; Staub, Kaspar; Alois Ettlin, Dominik; Grübner, Oliver; Rinaldi, Fabio; von Wyl, Viktor (2023). Challenges and best practices for digital unstructured data enrichment in health research: A systematic narrative review. PLOS Digital Health, 2(10):e0000347.

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Perepelytsia, Valeriia; Bradshaw, Leah; Dellwo, Volker (2023). IDEAR: A speech database of identity-marked, clear, and read speech. In: 20th International Congress of the Phonetic Sciences (ICPhS), Prague, Czech Republic, 7 August 2023 - 11 August 2023.

Kleinjung, Tobias; Meyer, Martin; Neff, Patrick (2023). Neurofeedback for tinnitus treatment: an innovative method with promising potential. Brain Communications, 5(4):fcad209.

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Isasi-Isasmendi, Arrate; Andrews, Caroline; Flecken, Monique; Laka, Itziar; Daum, Moritz M; Meyer, Martin; Bickel, Balthasar; Sauppe, Sebastian (2023). The Agent Preference in Visual Event Apprehension. Open Mind:1-43.

Blind Date mit der Zukunft. Edited by: Meyer, Martin; Sura, Sabine (2023). Zürich: NZZ Libro.

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Neuschwander, Pia; Schmitt, Raffael; Jagoda, Laura; Kurthen, Ira; Giroud Rickenbacher, Nathalie Régine; Meyer, Martin (2023). Different neuroanatomical correlates for temporal and spectral supra‐threshold auditory tasks and speech in noise recognition in older adults with hearing impairment. European Journal of Neuroscience, 57(6):981-1002.

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Ansichten zur Ansichtskarte : Textlinguistik, Korpuspragmatik und Kulturanalyse. Edited by: Hausendorf, Heiko; Scharloth, Joachim; Sugisaki, Kyoko; Bubenhofer, Noah (2023). Bielefeld: Transcript.

Schwab, Sandra; Mouthon, Michael; Jost, Lea B; Salvadori, Justine; Stefanos‐Yakoub, Ilona; da Silva, Eugénia Ferreira; Giroud, Nathalie; Perriard, Benoit; Annoni, Jean‐Marie (2023). Neural correlates of lexical stress processing in a foreign free-stress language. Brain and Behavior, 13(1):e2854.

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Graën, Johannes; Bach, Carme; Cassany, Daniel (2023). Using a bilingual concordancer to promote metalinguistic reflection in the learning of an additional language: The case of B1 learners of Catalan. In: Santos Díaz, Inmaculada Clotilde; Torrado Cespón, Milagros; Díaz Lage, José María; López Pérez, Sidoní. Current Trends on Digital Technologies and Gaming for Teaching and Linguistics. Berlin: Peter Lang, 27-45.

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