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Pamplona, Gustavo S P; Heldner, Jennifer; Langner, Robert; Koush, Yury; Michels, Lars; Ionta, Silvio; Scharnowski, Frank; Salmon, Carlos E G (2020). Network-based fMRI-neurofeedback training of sustained attention. NeuroImage, 221:117194.

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Meerwein, C; Pazahr, S; Stadler, T M; Nierobisch, N; Dalbert, A; Huber, A; Röösli, C (2020). An intact bony tympanic facial canal does not protect from secondary facial paresis in adult acute otitis media. The Journal of laryngology and otology, 134(5):409-414.

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Ruby, Lisa; Kunut, Ahmet; Nakhostin, Dominik N; Huber, Florian A; Finkenstaedt, Tim; Frauenfelder, Thomas; Sanabria, Sergio J; Rominger, Marga B (2020). Speed of sound ultrasound: comparison with proton density fat fraction assessed with Dixon MRI for fat content quantification of the lower extremity. European Radiology:Epub ahead of print.

Kaufmann, Lisa-Katrin; Hänggi, Jürgen; Jäncke, Lutz; Baur, Volker; Piccirelli, Marco; Kollias, Spyros; Schnyder, Ulrich; Martin-Soelch, Chantal; Milos, Gabriella (2020). Age influences structural brain restoration during weight gain therapy in anorexia nervosa. Translational Psychiatry, 10(1):126.

Sartoretti, Thomas; van Smoorenburg, Luuk; Sartoretti, Elisabeth; Schwenk, Árpád; Binkert, Christoph A; Kulcsár, Zsolt; Becker, Anton S; Graf, Nicole; Wyss, Michael; Sartoretti-Schefer, Sabine (2020). Ultrafast Intracranial Vessel Imaging With Non-Cartesian Spiral 3-Dimensional Time-of-Flight Magnetic Resonance Angiography at 1.5 T: An In Vitro and Clinical Study in Healthy Volunteers. Investigative Radiology, 55(5):293-303.

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Bolton, Thomas A W; Wotruba, Diana; Buechler, Roman; Theodoridou, Anastasia; Michels, Lars; Kollias, Spyros; Rössler, Wulf; Heekeren, Karsten; Van De Ville, Dimitri (2020). Triple Network Model Dynamically Revisited: Lower Salience Network State Switching in Pre-psychosis. Frontiers in Physiology, 11:66.

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