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Baresic, M; Salatino, S; Kupr, B; van Nimwegen, E; Handschin, C (2014). Transcriptional network analysis in muscle reveals AP-1 as a partner of PGC-1 in the regulation of the hypoxic gene program. Molecular and Cellular Biology, 34(16):2996-3012.


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Tsuchimatsu, Takashi; Kaiser, Pascal; Yew, Chow-Lih; Bachelier, Julien B; Shimizu, Kentaro K (2012). Recent loss of self-incompatibility by degradation of the male component in allotetraploid Arabidopsis kamchatica. PLoS Genetics, 8(7):e1002838.

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Blanchoud, Simon; Budirahardja, Yemima; Naef, Felix; Gönczy, Pierre (2010). ASSET: A Robust Algorithm for the Automated Segmentation and Standardization of Early Caenorhabditis elegans Embryos. Developmental Dynamics, 239:3285-3296.


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Ramaswamy, Rajesh; González-Segredo, Nélido; Sbalzarini, Ivo F (2009). A new class of highly efficient exact stochastic simulation algorithms for chemical reaction networks. The Journal of chemical physics, 130(24):244104.

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